Body scrub, the best 4


The scrubwhich some also call gommage, is that cosmetic that helps you keep the smooth, luminous and smooth skina freeing it from the cells of the most superficial layer which are desquamating. A process that is accentuated in summer, when sun exposure and tanning make it even more evident, with unsightly white skins. For this time of the year, the most suitable scrub must exfoliate, but with more gentleness than usual, so as not to attack the skin already stressed by the sun’s rays, the heat, the chlorine of the swimming pools, as well as sea water.

“The most suitable products to prepare or enhance the tan, as well as stimulate the underlying cell renewal, must also leave it soft and hydrated, without scratching or reddening the skin“, points out Umberto Borellini, cosmetologist and lecturer at various universities. We sifted through 14 formulas, preferring 4.

Read below for what reasons we chose them.

The formula

«The exfoliating action on the cells of the stratum corneum is obtained in two ways: thanks to substances such as lactic acid or alpha hydroxy acids, or mechanically through a granular part based on salt, sugar, minerals, vegetable powders such as apricot or olive stones. It is therefore a superficial action, which smoothes the skin and also makes it easier to absorb subsequent treatments (nourishing, soothing, but also slimming or draining) », explains Borellini.

«To complete the formula, emollients such as avocado oil, olive, marshmallow extractwith soothing properties, as well as butters such as shea, cocoa and coconut to give comfort to the skin and restore the hydrolipidic mantle », specifies the cosmetologist.

To this are added ingredients with elasticizing, draining or refreshing virtues, depending on the type of scrub proposed: there are some for every cosmetic need and for every pocket. We, considering the time of year, have given preference to more delicate and rich scrubs, discarding those that are too aggressive or where excessive allergens were present. It is no coincidence that we have favored formulas with high percentages of natural substances and vegetable fats, the best for taking care of the skin in the summer.

How to recognize the various ingredients by reading the label

“Considering that they are in descending order, it is better to choose products that list some assets in the first three items: sodium chloride is salt, while maris sal is sea salt, persea gratissima oil is avocado oil, with restorative, restorative and softening properties and rich in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin E and beta-carotene. Glycerin and ethylhexyl stearate, on the other hand, are emollients of natural origin. Helianthus annuus seed oil is sunflower seed oil, a vegetable oil with 60% linoleic acid with a light texture, without residual fat », remarks our expert.


Except when a different procedure was recommended, we used scrubs in the shower, after normal cleansing, distributing the product on the body and insisting (gently) on the elbows, knees and soles of the feet, where the skin tends to thicken. We avoided sensitive areas and rinsed with plenty of warm water.

We then considered the comfort on the skin immediately after use and after a few hours, the brightness or, conversely, redness or dehydration. Other important factors were the scent, the pleasantness of use, the beauty or practicality of the packaging and the value for money.


«Once or twice a week the scrub eliminates dead cells and thickening, leaving the skin soft and smooth, therefore even more luminous. It is not necessary to rub vigorously: a light massage is sufficient. However, remember that after scrubbing the skin is more fragile, so always protect it from the sun’s rays and apply a moisturizer. To ensure an even tan, exfoliate the skin a few days before you expose yourself (without forgetting to apply plenty of sunscreen with adequate SPF), perform a scrub every week to keep it radiant, while at the end of the summer season the scrub frees you of the horny layer, enhancing the ‘residual tan », concludes Umberto Borellini.


Slim Shape Scrub by World of Beauty500 g jar, 49 € In beauty centers, herbalist’s shops and beauty farms

The strong point. It is multifunctional.

The 500g jar contains a polyvalent formula that, while exfoliating, draining and detoxifying thanks to Epson, oceanic and Himalayan salts, lactic acid, and a cocktail of specific essential oils. Bitter orange, cypress, rosemary, geranium, lime and lavender, in fact, not only have a very pleasant energizing scent, but also help to avoid stagnation of liquids, counteract fatigue, stimulate vitality. It can be left on for an anti-water retention effect.

Use it like that. On wet skin, distribute the product all over the body or on the most thickened areas, then massage gently before rinsing. For a draining and detoxifying effect, once a week apply a light layer on dry skin, wrap in film, leave on for 30 minutes and rinse.

First three ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Aqua (Water), Glycerin

Korff’s Delicate and Nourishing Body Scrub400 g jar, € 29 in pharmacies, parapharmacies and on

The strong point. It is water-replenishing.

Here is a scrub with a buttery texture, soft and rich thanks to avocado, sunflower, olive and carrot oils, as well as shea butter. Salt and powder of tea tree leaves in different granulometries guarantee an effective but not aggressive exfoliation. Rosehip extract, rich in antioxidants, has a regenerating function. The fragrance is delicate, the vase allows you to easily draw on the product.

Use it like that. Distribute a large walnut on dry skin and emulsify with a little water, massaging with circular gestures. In contact with water, the scrub turns into milk to be left on for a few moments before rinsing. It’s for you if you have dry skin and are looking for nourishment, as well as exfoliation.

First three ingredients: Sodium Chloride, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil

Altea dell’Erbolario Silk Skin Scrub Cream150 ml tube, € 15.90 in single-brand stores, in herbalist’s shops and on

The strong point. The delicacy.

With 97% of ingredients of natural origin, it owes its action to a mix of marshmallow extract (rich in soothing mucilage and sugars), sunflower oil, vegetable butters and olive stone microgranules, as well as softening, moisturizing and refreshing like those of orange and lemon. Contains a delicate cleanser derived from olive oil and fructose, to complete the shower: that’s why the first ingredient is water. Pleasant scent, which does not interfere with subsequent products.

Use it like that. Massage a dab of product in circular movements on dry skin and then rinse in the shower. If you have very delicate skin, scrub on already damp skin.

First three ingredients: Aqua (Water), Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) flower water

The Ritual of Karma Body Scrub by Rituals300 g jar, € 15.50 in perfumery, single-brand stores and on

The strong point. The sensoriality.

We liked this scrub with a 94% natural formula based on sea salt, vegetable oils (precious safflower, almond, avocado, macadamia, argan and jojoba among others), white lotus extract and vitamin E: the texture is rich, the scent, reminiscent of white tea, instills well-being and a sense of freshness that we greatly appreciated. The jar is elegant and contains 300 g of product. Excellent value for money.

Use it like that. Massage the product all over the body (insisting on the thickest areas, such as elbows and knees) once a week, on wet or dry skin, then rinse with warm water and don’t forget to apply a moisturizer. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for a rich and fragrant scrub.

First three ingredients: Maris Sal / Sea Salt, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Isopropyl Myristate

Our Lab testers: Umberto Borellini, cosmetologist and lecturer at various universities; Laurence Donnini, journalist.