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from Beatrice Serra and Maria Grazia Edson

Each summer, the body wants hers contouring, and with over 20 million Italians of all ages (and of any weight) complaining of cellulite and inches over, the rush to reshape it is general. At the moment, in fact, we don’t like our legs, hips and stomach too much, also because, according to a recent research, smart working (and immobility at home) has still put on us many “holes” and extra layers of fat.

All clear in our expectations, at this time of the year: “I have to choose the most active cosmetic to get fit on the beach”, now more than ever since we have the minutes numbered. Nothing is lost, however. Those four, five weeks that we have ahead are still enough to reach, at least at a glance, the “touch-up” finish line.

“THE remodeling cosmetics (and in the category there are both anti-cellulite and slimming agents) they act on the outside of the skin, and here they show some appreciable results “, he tells us Alessandra Vassalli, cosmetologist, member of the Steering Committee of Aideco (Italian Association of Dermatology and Cosmetology). «The visual effect of having slimmer hips and stomach, deflated legs, toned arms is undoubtedly there. Proportional, of course, to the consistency with which these creams are applied. The ideal would be to use them all year round, and not just in view of the summer ».

«The latest generation remodeling products, in fact, have multiple performances: they reduce, tone, firm and smooth, in one go», continues Dr. Gloriana Assalti, pharmacist and cosmetologist in Rome. «They contain a cocktail of different ingredients and each one“ embellishes ”the skin. In fact, there is never a shortage of microcirculation activators (such as ivy, horse chestnut) that go to remove the water accumulated in the legs, deflating them. And those that have a lipolytic action: caffeine stands out among all, which, since it is very small, is able to penetrate deeply and do its job of “reducing” fat and volume well. But in this sense even the microalgae extracted from exotic plants give great satisfaction. Then there are other principles that do a lot in the final effect: glycolic acid, vitamins A, E and F compact the skin texture (so the mattress effect goes away) while the African kigelia, the micronized hyaluronic acid, the peptides stimulate the formation of collagen ».

It’s the year of bandages and patches

Some “lightening” substance that emerges, however, is there. Date, bitter orange and mandarin oil, for example, they have a strong reducing and firming activity, Dr. Assalti specifies. “The near future of these body products also speaks more and more green, and the research aims to develop the many potentialities offered by plant extracts, such as that of nettle”, continues Dr. Vassalli.

«Although at present, the novelties do not concern so much the active ingredients as the way in which they are conveyed. It’s time dthe plasters, patches, bandages, muds (hot or cold), in which the functional principle penetrates deeper, as there is an occlusion of the skin that concentrates the release of the principles. The remise in forme effect is faster, but be careful not to mess: it is better to use these products in combination with creams, fluids, serums or oils of the same line, otherwise there is the risk of sensitizing the epidermis too much ».

It takes a strict program

Our experts report an important point: the remodeling body care should not be left to chance. “If it comes to creams, fluids or oil the shock treatment is of 2 times a day (in the morning and in the evening), and the post-application massage is essential: from bottom to top, with circular movements and for 3-5 minutes until the product is well absorbed », Assalti specifies.

“Also keep an eye on the calendar: anti-cellulite cosmetics and the like should be interrupted a week before going to the beach and during the whole holiday period, especially those with plant extracts, at risk of photosensitization”, continues Dr. Vassalli. “And even with the slimming, the moisturizer (preferably with a few active ingredients) should be put every day on the whole body: it is allowed to dry and after 10 minutes it is spread over our remise en forme product”.

The do-it-yourself recipes

With ivy

10 leaves of ivy (better if new) to put in a saucepan with 3 tablespoons of grapefruit oil and as many of almond oil. Boil the mixture over low heat for 10 minutes, filter everything and store the liquid in a glass bottle. It is an excellent reducing and firming oil.

With bitter cocoa

Put 4 tablespoons of bitter cocoa (powder) in a saucepan, add a coffee grounds (cup for 2), a little water and 2 tablespoons of coarse salt. Mix well and heat the mixture for 1-2 minutes. Immediately after, apply it like a mask on your legs and keep it on for about 30 minutes. Cocoa has a lipolytic action, coffee activates the metabolism, coarse salt drains the tissues.

With coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, with a known reducing action. If you take two coffee grounds (from a 2-pot coffee pot) and carefully mix them with a moisturizer, you have your slimming treatment ready.

From the aesthetic doctor: cryolipolysis

Aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of treatments to reshape the body. «I recommend CoolSculpting, a patented technique of cryolipolysis recognized by the authoritative American FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It allows the reduction of localized fat through the use of cold, with a particular equipment that allows you to act on specific regions of the body », explains Dr. Dvora Ancona.

«A special handpiece is used which reaches the temperature of –11 ° C and causes the death of fat cells. It can be applied to the abdomen, hips, arms, legs, knees or back. The treatment is painless, leaving only a bit of soreness and a redness that disappears within a few days (bruises are unlikely to come). Depending on the depth of the adipose tissue and the desired reduction of fat, you can opt for a single session (the cost is around € 600) or two », specifies the expert.

The compressive microvibration treatment

From neck to toe, fast but non-invasive remodeling is the Endosphere Evolution method. Its strong point is a latest generation handpiece with compressive micro-vibration that is passed on any critical area (abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs). It performs five synergistic actions: it promotes cell regeneration, improves microcirculation, stimulates the lymphatic system, firms the skin and strengthens the volume of muscle fibers.

The body is remodeled from the first session, the orange peel skin softens and firms, the legs become lighter and leaner. Moreover, thanks to the new patented AFT SYSTEM (Abdominal fat treatment), Evolution allows the abdominal muscle to provide the active resistance necessary for the breakdown of adiposity and the consequent remodeling (

Body shaping, the right fitness

Mountain climber with lateral twist

Rest your knees and palms on the ground; arms outstretched, straighten your legs and assume the plank position. Contract your glutes and abdomen, then pull your right leg up to your chest, bringing your knee in the direction of your left elbow. Then repeat on the opposite side. Run quickly, without stopping.


In a standing position, feet together and arms at your sides, flex your torso and rest your palms on the ground. Then, she steps forward with her hands until she reaches the plank position: ankles, knees and back must always be well aligned. Contract your buttocks and abdomen for 3 seconds, then return to the starting position by repeating the steps you just performed in reverse, bringing your hands to your feet as close as you can.

Oils, sprays, bandages, emulsions + Creams, gels and scrubs + Solutions and spray muds: here are the products.

Obtained from pink berries, Melvita’s Huile Fermeté Suractivée visibly reduces the effect of orange peel skin. Rich in black pepper, which promotes microcirculation, it also helps prevent the accumulation of fat and firms (100 ml, 30 €,

The remodeling spray Korff’s Advanced Cellu Remover with extracts of poppy seeds and caffeine, it reduces the imperfections of cellulite, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated (200 ml, € 35,

With a fast-absorbing texture, the Becos Reducing Biphasic Fluidthins localized and widespread adipose accumulations (200 ml, 47 €,

The Body Bandage which fights cellulite and water retention is part of the collection I Love Reshaping by Gerard’s. The line is characterized by the presence of a special complex of phyto-endorphins, extracted from the berries of Chaste tree, which stimulate a good mood and at the same time perform a regenerating action (2 disposable bandages, € 20,

The anti-cellulite cream of the line Crio Sinergia by L’Erbolario it contains 16 natural active ingredients, among which natural menthol stands out, source of a pleasant “cold effect”. This cryactive is able to “deceive” the metabolism of fat tissue, causing it to burn excess fat (200 ml, € 29.90,


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