Bombeer, the all pink beer (dedicated to women)

Bombeer rosa

The idea is from Bobo Vieri. We bet it will be one of the summer 2021 hits?

A pink beer, the "women's beer". The idea comes from Christian Vieri, one who had many (and brilliant) ideas on the pitch and who is proving to have just as many outside. Bombeer, this is the name of the latest born among the beers designed and produced by Bobo. After the blue one, a tribute to the Italian national team, and the white one, the first to be launched.

After hanging up his boots and turning (serenely) the page, Bobo has built his "second" life. Today he is a happy husband and father, very happy. Costanza, Stella and Isabel: the women of his life "in pink". Just like the newly launched beer which – we imagine – will be one of the catchphrases of summer 2021. Also because Bobo has already infected a lot of friends who count: Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi above all. A few technical notes for the more experienced:

  • Bombeer has an alcohol content of 5%
  • "The particular fermentation process – we read from the site – gives it a harmonious, soft and enveloping taste"
  • Due to its characteristics it is suitable as an aperitif beer and for consumption throughout the meal
  • It goes well with different types of food, without ever covering their flavors

There is a lot of need for color!

Pink Bombeer

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