Bonne mine: the tanned effect must-have for summer 2017

Bonne mine: the tanned effect must-have for summer 2017

No exaggerated tan, this summer wins the healthy look. Discover how to reproduce it perfectly, with a touch of liveliness

Healthy, beautiful appearance. This is the literal meaning of bonne mine, the "chic tanned" look that is the keyword of the summer. The striking tan today is no longer trendy, rather it wins a discreet but impeccable mood, which focuses on the color that gives you a day spent outdoors, naturally after applying sunscreen, since we now know the risks involved in exposing yourself without the necessary precautions.

Bonne mine is a way of being: no to excesses but rather a natural beauty that enhances the colors of summer. For a sun-kissed make-up, it is important to choose the right products. Better to avoid the darker foundation than the complexion that risks making the difference between the face and the other parts of the body stand out and focus on a base for the luminous face, with a glowing effect, perhaps in powder, softer and more comfortable at high temperatures.

And if you are a make-up expert you can try the formulations that contain different shades in a single product, giving a more intense color to the parts of the face on which the sun beats more like the forehead, the cheekbones and the chin. Then a brilliant and golden touch is perfect to give the skin a radiant appearance.

For the eyes you can focus on the ton sur ton with the fascinating colors of the earth, from light to burnished – with gold accents for the evening – or you can choose to shine with an eye shadow with metallic nuances, to match with a lipstick or an equally brilliant gloss .

A few tricks and your bonne mine look is done, but if you don't mind an extra touch, perhaps on a special occasion, give yourself a lively lipstick: red is timeless, while pink and coral are the must-haves of summer 2017. Less is more, but with personality.

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