Bonus mom tomorrow, 800 euros for each child: requirements and application 2021

Bonus mom tomorrow, 800 euros for each child: requirements and application 2021

Confirmed the "mom tomorrow" bonus in 2021: how the financial aid recognized by INPS works

Also in 2021 future mothers and new mothers will be able to apply for the "Birth Bonus", also known as the "Mother Tomorrow Bonus", paid by INPS for the birth or adoption of a minor.

This is an economic contribution of 800 euros for each child, paid upon specific request, which can be presented by the mother starting from the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy (beginning of the eighth month) or upon the occurrence of the event of birth, adoption or reliance.


  • Bonus mom tomorrow: who can request it
  • Bonus mom tomorrow: what is it
  • Bonus mom tomorrow: how to apply
  • When the birth premium is due to the father
  • Necessary documents and certifications

Bonus mom tomorrow: who can request it

Pregnant women or mothers are entitled to claim and obtain the Mom Bonus tomorrow for one of the following events:

  • completion of the seventh month of pregnancy;
  • childbirth, even if prior to the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy;
  • national or international adoption of the child;
  • national pre-adoptive foster care or international pre-adoptive foster care

The benefit is granted in a single solution and in relation to each child born, adopted or entrusted. Furthermore, pregnant women and mothers, Italian citizens, EU or non-EU citizens, must be regularly present and resident in Italy.

Bonus mom tomorrow: what is it

The mother tomorrow bonus is a birth bonus of 800 euros which can be paid to the entitled person through:

  • bank transfer domiciled at the post office;
  • crediting to a bank or postal current account;
  • postal book;
  • prepaid card with IBAN.

In this regard, it should be specified that the IBAN code is required for all payments, except bank transfer domiciled at the post office.

Bonus mom tomorrow: how to apply

The application for access to the mother bonus tomorrow can be submitted after the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy or, in any case, within one year of the occurrence of the event (birth, adoption or foster care).

The request must be submitted to INPS directly online, by accessing the electronic services with the appropriate credentials, or by contacting an accredited patronage. Alternatively, you can contact the Institute's Contact Center at 803 164, free of charge from the landline, or at 06 164 164, from the mobile network.

The application must be accompanied by the health certificate issued by the doctor of the National Health Service (SSN), certifying the presumed date of birth. Documentation from the competent doctor must also be issued in the event of an interruption of pregnancy: the bonus is in fact recognized the same to the applicant who, despite having matured seven months of pregnancy, has not completed the pregnancy.

In the case of multiple births, after the birth, the application must be resubmitted by entering the information necessary for the integration of the premium already requested, thus integrating everything with the number of births. In fact, if it is a twin pregnancy, the applicant can submit an application at the end of the seventh month and, if the application is accepted, a single fee of 800 euros will be paid. The other shares, of the same amount, may be paid, for each child, following the second application that the interested party will have to submit again after the birth.

When the birth premium is due to the father

The birth bonus of 800 euros is also awarded to the father for each child in cases of:

  • abandonment of the mother;
  • exclusive entrustment to the father;
  • forfeiture of parental authority or death of the mother.

The father who finds himself in these conditions is granted the possibility to submit the application in the same way as for the mother.

If the request is made by a legal representative, the latter must be in possession of the applicant's credentials to log in to the system with the identification data of the person concerned.

Necessary documents and certifications

If the pregnant mother (or who has just given birth) requests the birth bonus of 800 euros, she must attach the certification of the state of pregnancy to the application – as already mentioned above. Specifically, when submitting the request using the methods listed above, it will be necessary to specify the electronic protocol number of the certificate issued by the NHS doctor or ASL doctor or, for non-working mothers only, the 15-digit identification number and the date of issue of a medical prescription issued by a doctor of the NHS or affiliated with it (with indication of the exemption code between M31 and M42 inclusive).

If the certificate is already in the possession of INPS, because it was transmitted for other services related to the same pregnancy, the applicant can expressly indicate it at the time of the application and avoid reproducing the documentation.

The obligations to transmit the documentation necessary to obtain the mother bonus tomorrow also fall on the parent / father for situations of exclusive custody and non-recognition, abandonment or death of the mother. That is when it is he who requests the 800 euros for the child.

In addition to the birth certificate, the application must include:

  • the residence permit, if the mother is a non-EU citizen;
  • a self-certification, which will specify the date of birth and the details of the child (tax code);
  • in case of national adoption / assignment, the adoption or assignment provision – also in digitized copy – issued by the competent authority (type, number, date of the provision and authority that issued it type of provision; number of the provision; date of the provision ; authority that issued the order). Alternatively, it is possible to indicate the essential elements for finding the information or data present in the provision to certify the date of adoption or fostering / entry into the family;
  • in the case of international adoption / fostering, the authorization to enter the minor in Italy issued by the Commission for International Adoptions – CAI (authorization number; date of authorization) or the number and date of the authorization. If this is not possible, it is possible to proceed by attaching a digitized copy of the authorization itself or the substitutive declaration, in order to allow the identification of the aforementioned elements or it is still possible to indicate, at the time of the application, the essential elements for finding the information or data in the authorization.

Finally, it should be specified that in the case of multiple foster care or adoption, it is possible to submit a single application with the information of all the minors adopted or fostered. The INPS also accepts, as a submission method, an application for each adopted or fostered minor. In the presence of the required requirements, the same established for pregnant new mothers or for those who have given birth, the applicant is entitled to as many shares of 800 euros as the number of minors adopted or entrusted in the year for which the bonus was requested.

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