Booking a medical examination online: advantages and how to do it

Booking a medical examination online: advantages and how to do it

One of the advantages of digitalisation of the healthcare sector is the possibility of booking visits and services online

Remote monitoring of medical devices, electronic health record, app for tracking infections. The Covid-19 pandemic has made “digital” terms much more familiar that witness the changes currently underway in the healthcare sector.

Suffice it to say that now, in Europe, as many as 81% of healthcare professionals (69% in Italy) use the electronic record, and 62% (67% in Italy) have adopted electronic prescription systems, as reported by the report. Digital transformation: Shaping the future of European healthcare published by Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. More than half of specialists and family doctors use email and WhatsApp to exchange data, images and information with patients.

In short, a digital transformation is underway that will provide us with support for our daily lives in the near future, offering advantages such as:

  • greater efficiency in accessing and transmitting information, as in the case of medical records and prescriptions or prescriptions;
  • new ways of interacting between doctor and patient;
  • facilitating access to services.

With respect to this last point, for example, it is indicative that 1 out of 4 Italians now use online booking systems more than they did a year ago, before the emergency.

And precisely to respond to the growing demand for services, Pagine Bianche Salute was born, a portal that offers people who need to book a visit or an exam, the possibility of comparing the availability in real time on several structures at the same time, to choose the structure combination. / date an appointment that best meets your needs, to confirm the reservation and, if you wish, to pay online, at any time and from the comfort of your home or office. All on a total of over 500 performances. In addition, by booking with Pagine Bianche Salute, the user has access to an accurate follow-up with post-visit questionnaires, consultation of the history of their visits and exams, control reminders.

To access the service, simply connect to the Pagine Bianche Salute site, fill in the form by entering the name of the service, the date and place desired. The results page will show a list of available facilities, just choose the desired facility and confirm the reservation by entering your personal data.

From the portal you can book not only specialist visits, but also diagnostic tests such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, Gastroscopies and Colonoscopies, with the guarantee that the services will be carried out in the best health facilities.

The service is currently available in Rome and other cities in Lazio and among the hospitals where it is possible to book there are the CristoRe and the Rome American Hospital in Rome, the ICOT in Latina and the Sant’Anna di Pomezia.

The offer will gradually extend to all the major cities of Italy.

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