Books on the history of fashion to read

Books on the history of fashion to read

Find out which are the best books to discover the history of fashion and its iconic protagonists

Reading is good for your heart and mind and is not only important to pass an exam, but also to increase your knowledge. Reading for pleasure is certainly an excellent choice, perhaps on vacation under an umbrella, or on a sofa at home during a thunderstorm. There are many books on fashion to read and which approach this magnificent art in a heterogeneous way: we have created a selection of the best ever, for every genre and taste. It is a truly varied range, the intent of which is precisely to provide useful advice to any reader who is passionate about fashion.

Needless to get lost in too many words, fashion is a passion of many women and the most curious will always be looking for new trends, but they will also devote themselves to the study of the great names that have made history.

So, are you ready to find your new favorite book on fashion? Here is the ranking of the unmissable: the 21 most beautiful fashion books to read, including stories of timeless icons, geniuses, fashion editors and photographers with golden hands. To give as a gift for birthday or Christmas, to read in the evening before going to bed or on vacation; fashion books don't really have time. By reading them you will discover extraordinary stories and lives full of love and passion for the art of fashion, but also of unique secrets and techniques. And you will get excited through the images taken by the most iconic photographers.


  • The Model as Muse by Harold Koda
  • Fashion Philosophy of Lars Br. H. Svendsen
  • Iconic. The myths of Italian fashion by Megan Hess
  • Italian fashion by Elisabetta Merlo
  • Fashion. Tim Edwards concepts, practices and policies
  • Steven Faerm's Fashion Design Course
  • Civilization of fashion by Carlo Marco Belfanti
  • The Complete Collections
  • Contemporary fashion. Art and style from Worth to the 1950s by Fabriano Fabbri

The Model as Muse by Harold Koda

This fashion book offers a look at the figure of the model, a glossy world that tells the relationship of fashion with the icons that have most represented the female ideal to this day.

Many, since the beginning of the twentieth century, have been the models who have revolutionized the fashion system and among the most famous names we note Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, but also the famous Kate Moss.

Through the pages of this volume, you will discover how the figure of the model has become a myth that continues to inspire many designers. A compelling read that will make you take a dip in the fashion of the past.

Fashion Philosophy of Lars Br. H. Svendsen

Svendesn is a philosopher and, as such, believes that fashion is a fundamental component of modernity and, more generally, of people's lives: in this book he analyzes the phenomenon of fashion using all the tools that his discipline offers, underlining all of them. the most hidden aspects, but of fundamental importance.

A fundamental part of this book on fashion to be read in one breath is certainly the logic to which this phenomenon responds in relation to the change and progress of certain aspects of daily life.

You will also discover what is the deeper meaning of an item of clothing and if it is really possible to create an identity through fashion. And then, for many, fashion is an art, but is it really?

Iconic. The myths of Italian fashion by Megan Hess

The Italian style is unique in the world, elegant and refined like few now and is accompanied by an unparalleled sartorial quality. All this in Megan Hess's fashion book, Iconic. The myths of Italian fashion.

Numerous were, and still are, the masters who dressed the muses of the time, but above all women. Women with desires that need to be interpreted with a unique, unparalleled passion and creativity. Hess will accompany you, through the pages of her book on fashion, perfect even for young girls, to discover the most famous craft shops in Florence, the most famous designers who have dressed the Milanese catwalks for years and, of course, 10 icons without time, such as: Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Versace, Missoni, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Pucci and Valentino.

A very valid and recommended book on fashion that has already won the hearts of many women who are passionate about fashion.

Italian fashion by Elisabetta Merlo

A place in the ranking of the best books on fashion truly deserved: is that of Elisabetta Merlo with her Italian fashion. Two fascinating stories full of important assumptions cross: that of fashion, without a doubt, and that of economics. And therefore, the perfect volume for those who want to deepen the theme of the birth and development of fashion.

The organizational models of the largest American and French fashion companies are compared with the Italian system and, more specifically, with the most famous and representative names. An interesting perspective for which, in a long period, the greatest progress comes from inertia and discontinuities; the designer's creativity is transformed into the entrepreneur's creativity.

If you are particularly interested in these issues, your choice will surely fall on this book.

Fashion. Tim Edwards concepts, practices and policies

Still a lot of history for you that you are curious to know everything about the world of fashion and its complexity. And it is Tim Edwards' book on the history of fashion that will accompany your intense afternoons of reading to discover this phenomenon with a truly substantial social and individual impact.

The volume reviews all the theories of classic fashion, and therefore the most influential, then touching on topics that are certainly of great sensitivity such as gender and sex issues, passing through the construction of female identity. Edwards also examines the strong link between age and fashion; the analysis of consumer policy is accompanied by the examination of various historical and political aspects, together with the scourge of industrial exploitation.

This book is perfect if you want to understand the profound relationship between fashion and society.

Steven Faerm's Fashion Design Course

Not only history and notions, but also useful tips for those who are approaching the world of fashion and want to receive some more tips. This fashion book is also ideal for young girls who aspire to work as a stylist in the future.

This is a very special work, imbued with magic and creativity. But do you really know what's going on behind the scenes? Faerm teaches a mostly practical approach, with detailed explanations and exercises for understanding. It is divided into several chapters which, like any self-respecting book, also contains a part that tells the story of fashion and icons that have made success; but also of the cultural changes that have influenced the fashion system.

You will learn to identify the various market categories, the functioning of the seasoned collections, the basics of design, the materials and all their components.

Civilization of fashion by Carlo Marco Belfanti

A beautiful book on fashion and its all-Italian history: it is Belfanti's Civilization of Fashion. Everyone knows that fashion is a fundamental and distinctive aspect of everyday life, but how was it in the past? To date, it is almost a tyrant and regulator, a using heart and engine of the production of customs and habits, a character that distinguishes us from each other.

This volume tells of the fundamental role of the dress centuries and centuries ago, starting from the Middle Ages, a time when it marked the social belonging of an individual. Very interesting and original is the look that the author gives to the Asian reality and, in particular, to Japan, China and India, categorically denying the news that only the European one was a real civilization.

This fashion book offers a truly exciting dive into the past.

The Complete Collections

Do you like fashion, but you don't know where to start? We even offer you five different volumes on fashion that trace the history of the most famous fashion houses of all time: Chanel, which collects all the flagship looks of haute couture, cruise, métiers d'art created by the genius of fashion Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard; but also Yves Saint-Laurent, with an overview of the most important collections from 1962 to today. Without forgetting Luis Vuitton, Prada and the iconic name of Miuccia, Dior, John Galliano and Raf Simon where, for the first time, we find a woman in the role of creative director: Maria Grazia Chiuri.

In the volume you will be able to admire many splendid photos of fashion shows and unpublished garments. All the collections are described in detail by a short introductory text, which contains the stylist's inspirations and influences of various kinds.

Contemporary fashion. Art and style from Worth to the 1950s by Fabriano Fabbri

And finally, here is a very interesting volume on the history of fashion, which strongly investigates the meaning of the signature and the meaning of dressing; on how much power the dress can have and on its cultural influence. Fashion is not just a beautiful designer dress, but a set of complex processes that influence the trends and habits of an individual.

Using an overwhelming and elegant style, Fabbri reconstructs the immense way of fashion and its protagonists, without limiting himself to the big names that have dominated the most important catwalks in Europe, but also bringing to light figures almost forgotten in the past.

Contemporary fashion offers the reader a completely new interpretation, undoubtedly original and indispensable even for those who wish to make this material their job.

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