Boots in spring: how to wear them with style

Boots in spring: how to wear them with style

Here are some easy and glamorous ideas on how to wear boots in spring!

Boots, contrary to what one might think, are a very smart garment for spring because they allow us to wear, even without socks, skirts, shorts and dresses above the knee, even if we do not yet have tanned legs or if temperatures are not very hot yet. Here is a post with some easy look ideas to try right away!

Boots in spring: how to choose them

Sore point: not all boots enhance all physiques. To put it another way, to each their own model! If you have important calves or ankles, my suggestion is to wear them high below the knee and therefore wear skirts just above the knee, or short (mini) or even shorts, even in denim. Another important note: if the legs are not your strong point, avoid half lengths, therefore the leggings at calf height, because they drastically cut the figure. Now we will see some practical examples.

how to wear boots: with shorts

Spring boots, how to wear them with style: with shorts and coat

If the air is still fresh, so you need to wear an outerwear, why not try a long coat to wear with shorts and boots? Even a pair of denim shorts could be a glamorous idea to wear in the city.

how to wear boots: with denim

Spring boots, how to wear them with style: in the Kombat version with the bon ton dress

If you want to play down a bon ton dress, try wearing it with a pair of Kombat boots, especially if the legs are your strong point, precisely because their height at the calf would otherwise penalize the figure.

how to wear boots: with the minidress

Boots in spring, how to wear them with style: with skirt and collar

If you love elegant taste, but you like the idea of ​​reinterpreting it in a gritty way, do as Leia Sfez, the Parisian it girl who doesn't miss a beat. Wear a pair of boots below the knee, a pleated miniskirt and then a sweater with a simple and clean cut, to be embellished with a collar, which you can also apply separately.

how to wear boots: high

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