Boots what a passion! The winning step begins with these new models

Coming season, boot you find. This time, then, there are really bizarre models that challenge our courage and, sometimes, good taste (it must be said). Let’s see together the top five of the autumn.

Regardless of the actual need, we can’t get enough of “bags and shoes”. Rather we give up some clothes but woe to miss the accessory seen on our favorite weekly or, more likely, on Instagram. With regard to boots, there is a return to the center of the scene and, more than décolleté and slingbacks, in fact, they drive us crazy.

Fashion boots autumn 3-10-22

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We look at the high-end proposals directly from the catwalks.

Autumn – winter 2022 boots: here are the most desired of the moment

The Baguette boot with square toe by Fendi is selling like hot cakes. It is made entirely in chenille with jacquard FF motif in delicate taupe and beige tones and has the classic carved FF motif. They cost 1350 euros and are also available in the black – blue jeans variant.

Street style boots 3-10-22

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We have analyzed the tricks to look taller with boots and other low shoes but what strikes us today are the shapes and colors of models poised between the distant past and the more or less near future.

With the Blade Mermaid boots by Casadei (1150 euros) the focus will be on you. The overlapping golden sequins, the narrow toe and the super thin heel are unique and original features that make it one of the best of the season. Sure, you have to like the genre but with a simple outfit and the focus on these sparkling Blades you could have the turning point.

The candy pink nappa leather boots by Jimmy Choo they bring back to the eighties even those who have not lived them but only seen them in films. Color is currently one of the most glamorous and we will see it also in 2023 so better to go shopping before our number runs out (in luxury everything ends very quickly). The detail of the ankle bracelet is beautiful; the price is 1495 euros.

Armani boots fall 2022 3-10-22

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With Giuseppe Zanotthere are the Morgana boots just above the ankle, shiny burgundy but, above all, with an xxl platform. Excellent for trendy evenings, they are on sale on the official website of the brand at 950 euros.

The genre changes with the young and whimsical style with the proposal of the collection Adidas for Gucci (1390 euros). The normal leather boot that never goes out of fashion is revisited by the iconic three white lines of the sports brand. The possible alternatives are black and white or light blue and white.

Shoes say a lot, a lot, about a person. Also for this reason it is good to choose something that fully represents us and, if possible, focus on brands Made in Italy.

Silvia Zanchi