Bracelet or anklet? Enrich your outfit even on the beach

Cavigliere e braccialetti per il mare 1-8-22

Both for those who belong to the multiple bracelets team and for those who are in love with the madness of the anklets, in the summer the choice is well defined but must be made carefully. Let’s see which models to aim for.

While accessories of any kind should be avoided on the ankles if the physical conformation does not allow it, on the wrists you can wear a bit of everything but it is always good to decide for one (the most comfortable one) so as to avoid the unwanted fortune teller effect.

Anklets and bracelets for the sea 1-8-22

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Staying within a limited budget, given the extra expenses for various bills and holidays, let’s find out what and where to buy before posting on all our social networks.

Bracelets and anklets for a summer at the top!

Let’s start with the beautiful templates of Stroili Oro that with the Beverly anklet, with black enameled beads that create contrast alternating with those in yellow gold, it is very popular.

Summer 1-8-22 anklets

Source: Pinterest.

Simple and elegant, it could also be worn in autumn. The price is 79 euros.

With Asos Design you can directly have eight mixed beaded anklets in one package. Ideal solution for the youngest, they are all in light and intense colors (ranging from the most subtle lilac to emerald green). Excellent because they bring out even the slightest tan. They cost 16.99 euros.

Apm Monaco instead proposes a bracelet (170 euros on Yoox) in yellow gold colored silver with central diamonds and midnight blue stone, decorated with turquoise stones and pearls. The mix seems excessive as described but when worn it makes a good impression and seems to be worth much more.

Red summer bracelet 1-8-22

Source: Pinterest.

With the multicolored fashion bracelets of Shein instead, in addition to the minimum cost (1.50 euros), you can play with words. “Love” is the most popular but it all lies in the choice to be made on the brand’s official and very popular website.

Red, blue and black for the bracelet Chiara Jewels at € 17.90. In stainless steel and 18-karat gold plated (either silver or yellow gold), it recalls other models of the designer that can be worn together.

Of course, these cheerful creations can be combined with a hat like the ones we recently recommended. Before giving it away, however, it is better to make sure of the team your friend is part of, whether bracelet or anklet. Another rule to follow is the one that sees the number of bracelets decrease with age. At eighteen or even thirty it’s okay to wear several, at fifty it’s better to be lighter.

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