Brat diet for healthy stomach and intestines

Brat diet for healthy stomach and intestines

The BRAT diet is ideal to get back in shape, but above all to treat intestinal disorders in a natural way thanks to some foods

12 anti-inflammatory foods to lose weight and have a healthy intestine

The new dieting trend is BRAT, a diet with an ancient history that protects the stomach and intestines.

What is it? This diet, which has become famous in the last period, helps not only to lose weight, but also to improve intestinal transit, turning off disorders and inflammations. It is recommended especially for those suffering from gastrointestinal problems, but also for those who want to purify themselves.

The name BRAT derives from the initials of the four key elements that define this diet. B means bananas, R means rice, A means apple (apple in English), while T means toast, or toast. In reality it is a rather ancient slimming scheme that was used in South America where intestinal problems are quite frequent, but also by our grandmothers.

How does it work? Simply for three days you can only consume these foods. The day begins with a banana accompanied by toasted bread with a drizzle of honey. For lunch you can enjoy white rice seasoned with herbs and extra virgin olive oil, while at dinner you can enjoy toasted bread with seasonal vegetable soup. For a snack, treat yourself to a banana or an apple.

These four foods are excellent for resolving gastrointestinal disorders because they do not strain digestion, are light and rich in nutrients. But be careful, the BRAT diet should not be followed for a long time because it is low in proteins and could cause imbalances. Another fundamental element of this diet is water. In fact, during the day it is essential to drink at least two liters to purify the body and restore the lost balance.

Water in fact helps dilute gastric juices, soothes inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and improves digestion. The herbal teas are also excellent, they deflate the belly, eliminate intestinal gases and improve the metabolism. Choose them with mallow, fennel or artichoke, but also with wild berries or chamomile to curb nervous hunger, relax nerves and regain serenity.

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