Breakfast diet: 5 straight to lose weight

Breakfast diet: 5 straight to lose weight

From dried fruit to Greek yogurt, here are 5 tips to lose weight starting with breakfast

The 9 high-fiber foods for a healthy diet

Breakfast, as is known, is the most important meal of the day, especially when you are on a diet and want to lose weight.

For this reason, after waking up it is essential to consume a large breakfast, which allows us to better face the day, providing the body with the energy it needs. This does not mean that we have the go-ahead to binge on anything, but simply that we must treat this meal in a special way, by putting all the nutrients we need into the dish.

Drink a cup of green tea – this drink contains caffeine and catechin, two substances that can activate enzymes involved in food absorption. Green tea is ideal for improving metabolism, burning fats quickly and also carries out an anti-age action.

Enjoy dried fruit – we need energy for breakfast, so there is nothing better than a little dried fruit to start the day with sprinting. Eat almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios or walnuts to get your fill of fiber and healthy fats, which protect the heart, but above all they will make you arrive at lunch satiated and without the temptation to give in to hunger attacks. The ideal quantity? 30 grams!

Treat your intestines with kiwi – the secret to weight loss is fiber, which should never be missing for breakfast. After waking up, treat yourself to a kiwi, choosing it very mature. In this way you will improve intestinal transit, favoring excess weight loss.

Fill up on protein with yogurt – at breakfast you can't miss the protein, which is guaranteed by white or Greek yogurt (even more protein). This food promotes the sense of satiety and, thanks to lactic ferments, improves the bacterial flora, eliminating constipation and swelling, the main enemies of the line.

Don't forget the cereals – even the cereals should not be missing in the breakfast. Focus on bran, muesli and whole-grain flakes, carefully reading the labels to avoid products with a high sugar content. Eat them with skim milk, yogurt, kefir or coconut, soy, almond, quinoa, spelled, oat, millet or soy based vegetable drinks.

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