Breakfast of the stars: this is what they eat in the morning

Breakfast of the stars: this is what they eat in the morning

What do stars eat for breakfast? If you are curious to find out how celebrities start their day, all you have to do is find out.

There breakfast is the first meal of the day and for this reason it is considered one of the most important. But what do stars eat for breakfast? Have you ever asked yourself? Thanks to social media it is now possible to discover the habits of celebrities, in fact they often post on Instagram what they love to eat in the morning.

what star breakfast eat

Source: Instagram

From international stars to homegrown ones, women in the show generally dedicate all the time necessary to breakfast because, as nutritionists often tell us, the breakfast is the main meal of the day.

Let’s find out then what do overseas and homegrown stars eat for breakfast: here is a rundown of the favorite breakfasts by celebrities from all over the world.

Here’s what stars eat for breakfast

How many times have we heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It is no coincidence that there is also a saying: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor man. This is to say that in the morning we should introduce more calories compared to other meals of the day.

what star breakfast eat

Gwyneth Paltrow’s breakfasts – Source: Instagram @gwynethpaltrow

In a healthy and balanced diet we should also know how to vary and not always introduce the same foods. It takes a little imagination and good will but it can be done. And the stars, what do they eat for breakfast to always be so fit?

In Hollywood, among the most popular breakfasts we certainly find those based on eggs. A fashion that is reflected in many models and actresses. Egg is a protein food and gives energy in the morning but also a sense of satiety. For example, she is an estimator of it Jessica Alba who in an Instagram video prepares an inviting avocado toast.

But it’s not the only one it seems, too Meghan Markle is a fan of avocado toast for breakfast. To reveal it to us is none other than Daniel Martin, the make-up artist of the Duchess of Sussex who in a post on her Instagram thanks her for suggesting this dish.

Not only that, the same as we had already explained keeps fit thanks to the Flexitarian diet, a diet that provides for a reduced consumption of meat and fish but based mainly on the introduction of vegetables.

Furthermore, the Duchess of Sussex also previously had a blog where she had written the perfect breakfast recipe: multigrain bread, mashed avocado, a little feta and to top off oil seeds. The top of well-being.

And again the beautiful and ethereal Gwyneth Paltrow through the Goop page he reveals that he follows a healthy and gluten free diet. Among his favorite breakfasts are banana and maple syrup panckes made with buckwheat flour.

There diet that the actress follows is the Ayurvedic one but looking at his Instagram profile we can see how often you consume them eggs for breakfast.

Another admirer of eggs, but also of protein shakes is the equally beautiful Jennifer Aniston who at 53 shows off an enviable shape even from 20 years old. The Friends actress on her Instagram profile shows us how to make a protein shake based on chocolate and milk.

Also arriving in Italy, the same Belen Rodriguez has repeatedly posted egg breakfasts on his Instagram profile, here you can find a typical day of his diet.

And finally, the influencer too Giulia De Lellis has breakfast with poached eggs in one of the last posts published from Paris. Here you can find everything about his diet.

In short, one thing is certain, the eggs are among the stars’ favorite foods for breakfast.

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