Breakfast, the perfect menu to avoid diabetes and obesity

Breakfast, the perfect menu to avoid diabetes and obesity

The first meal of the day, increasingly appreciated, is a valuable ally for the prevention of metabolic diseases

Breakfast is a fundamental meal which, fortunately, is increasingly appreciated. The opinion of science on its role for well-being is unanimous. Among the many points of view in this regard, it is possible to mention that of Dr. Luca Piretta, nutritionist and gastroenterologist active at the Campus Biomedico University of Rome.

The expert pointed out that any type of activity – both physical and intellectual – takes place more effectively and rationally if breakfast is not neglected. In addition, he specified that, scientific data in hand, those who skip the first meal of the day are more likely to have to deal with diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Piretta also stressed another crucial aspect, namely the fact that breakfast is the meal that, after the long night fast, allows you to synchronize the biological clock. Having said that, let's see on what basis the menu of the first meal of the day should be based.

Among the nutrients not to be forgotten we mention complex carbohydrates and simple sugars. The sources that allow you to hire them are numerous. Just to give some examples, we mention the rusks with a veil of jam and honey, wholemeal toast, cereals.

As specified by the nutritionist, a full breakfast should also include fruit, essential for the need for vitamins and minerals (you can eat a whole fruit, but also prepare a centrifuge or juice). Not to be forgotten is milk, a source of vitamin D, a beneficial nutrient for health, especially in periods when you spend a lot of time at home and do not expose yourself to sunlight.

When talking about the first meal of the day, it is good to focus on what to eat but also how you eat. As always pointed out by Doctor Piretta, it is essential to consume food slowly – not just for breakfast – so as to allow the stomach to adapt its muscle walls.

To complete the work it is good to also focus on the presentation. To underline its importance, Dr. Paola Medde thought about it as part of the Io Comincio Bene campaign. Psychologist and teacher of the Master of Psychobiology of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, remember that taking care of the preparation of the table can make the experience of the morning meal an opportunity to give a boost to the mood and start the day on the right foot also mentally.

Breakfast, which according to experts should guarantee 35% of the daily calorie intake, as already mentioned, is increasingly appreciated. As proof of this, it is possible to cite the results of a research by the Eumetra Institute for the Italian Food Union.

What do they say? That for an Italian out of two, breakfast is a meal of great importance, on the same level as lunch and dinner. Excellent news for nutrition experts, who never fail to reaffirm its benefits!

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