Breast cancer, women's needs told by women

Breast cancer, women's needs told by women

Salute Donna Onlus is an association created with the aim of supporting young women who are facing metastatic breast cancer, who need information and support

Couple life, work, knowledge request. And the pleasure of a healthy and palatable diet. Young women facing metastatic breast cancer need to be informed and tools, as emerges from a research conducted by Elma Research, on 160 patients with advanced stage cancer. We comment on it together with Annamaria Mancuso, president of Salute Donna Onlus who has supported the initiative "It's time for life" since the beginning.

Attention to nutrition

Eight out of ten women with advanced breast cancer see nutrition as a fundamental aspect of their life. Yet, even this area of ​​life is affected by the consequences of the disease: in fact, 39% of patients say they have lost the pleasure of food and 32% say that cooking has become a source of stress. Furthermore, the majority (66% overall; 20% a lot or permanently) have changed their diet following the disease, but only 23% follow a particular prescription diet. In this field too, there is a strong need for information: over 70% find useful recipes, nutritional advice and ad hoc cooking courses. In short, there is a need to give a voice and return information to women who face the disease. "This is the goal of the" It's time to live "project, promoted together with Novartis" – says Mancuso. “Since its inception four years ago, we have wanted to give a voice to patients with advanced breast cancer and provide them with the answers they seek. Our association has always been attentive to the needs of women with breast cancer. For this reason, we have collaborated with Novartis to involve professionals in the project who can answer the most relevant doubts and questions for patients ”. Thus was born a tailor-made recipe book, which aims to offer not only general information on proper nutrition but also practical proposals to be made in the kitchen. "With this cookbook, we want to continue on the path traced in recent years and thus help women to regain possession of the most important moments of their lives through nutrition" – Mancuso emphasizes. "To do this, we asked our friends Anna Villarini, Biologist and Nutritionist at the National Cancer Institute of Milan, for a hand, and Chiara Maci, food blogger and television face. We are sure that the recipe book will give you excellent ideas to lead a diet rich in nutritional benefits, without sacrificing either taste or fun in the kitchen ".

The other important aspects

"The Elma Research survey shows us what the needs of young women with advanced breast cancer are and also tells us that in many cases they have difficulty finding the answers they are looking for in managing daily life." – underlines Anna Maria Mancuso, President of Salute Donna Onlus. In this sense, other data are significant. Cancer and the necessary therapies worsen the quality of life in every area of ​​personal, family and work life and for more than one in two women the impact is considered "very strong". Couple intimacy is one of the most frequent problems: 59% of patients believe that the relationship with their partner is strongly affected by the disease and only 7% say that this aspect is not relevant. Furthermore, women feel a lack of information on this issue: only 50% of respondents believe that their doctor shares adequate information. Finally, the impact of the diagnosis of advanced cancer is also very strong in the workplace: 40% of interviewees were forced to leave their jobs. The main causes were the time required for treatment (60%), physical malaise (47%), psychological / emotional malaise (37%) and difficulties related to absences (34%). This derives from the fact that women have to “often” or “very often” take sick days (42%), hours off (41%), days off (28%) or make sudden absences (21%); moreover, 32% remain "often" or "very often" behind with the activities to be carried out and consider themselves "not very productive".

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