Breast milk, what happens if the mother is overweight

Breast milk, what happens if the mother is overweight

Recent studies have shown how the different composition of milk in overweight mothers affects the obesity and health of the newborns themselves.

Recent research has shown that the composition of breast milk changes according to the mother's physical condition, particularly in relation to weight.

According to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition of the Oxford Academic, the milk produced by overweight mothers may contain more metabolites, which would increase the risk of obesity in the newborn. As is well known, this condition can lead to various health complications in the baby, including an increased risk of type two diabetes, so action must be taken promptly.

This research focused on the composition of 275 milk molecules at one and six months after birth, in relation to the body mass of new mothers, involving 35 women and their newborns. The results showed the presence of 10 different metabolites between normal weight and overweight one month after the birth of the child. Among these, in women with excessive weight, the presence of complex carbohydrates and oligosaccharides has been found which can alter intestinal microbes (the microbiota) responsible for immune and metabolic capacities. Furthermore, after six months, the different metabolites rose to 20 and in obese mothers the presence of adenine, a substance associated with a greater weight gain in newborns, was also traced.

Furthermore, the composition of the bacteria is less varied in the milk of mothers who have taken too much weight during pregnancy and this can affect the health of the newborn. Breast milk is universally recognized as the most important element regarding the development of the metabolic and immunological health of the newborn. It allows babies to develop the microenvironment necessary for the development and maturation of the intestine and grow beneficial bacteria, as well as being the first source of fundamental microbes for the maturation of solid immune defenses.

The study focused on identifying the causes of the occurrence of obesity in newborns in relation to breast milk, in order to allow a targeted intervention to avoid the risks, through a special diet and physical activity designed for mothers or specific pharmacological treatments , in order to eliminate the risks and maximize the benefits of breastfeeding of overweight mothers.
How to intervene in these cases? Surely talk about it with the gynecologist or a breastfeeding specialist who will be able to suggest the perfect strategies for your situation, and possibly consider the support of a nutritionist for your and your child's wellbeing.

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