Breast reduction? That's why it's sometimes necessary

Breast reduction? That's why it's sometimes necessary

A breast that is too abundant can cause damage to the back, as well as affect self-esteem: this is when to evaluate reduction mammaplasty

We women are never happy, especially with regards to the body: from the color of the hair to that of the eyes, from the height to the forms … we always want what we do not have. Take the breast: how many are the cases of women who resorted to the surgeon to earn some extra size? Yet there are many others that have gone in the opposite direction, making themselves operate to have more discrete forms.

The reasons why the reduction mammaplasty is used are the most disparate. There are those who simply do it for aesthetic reasons or those who, like Drew Barrymore, resort to surgery to solve or limit back problems. Supporting the weight of an important breast is a considerable job for the spine and can cause scoliosis or kyphosis. An explosive breast can also be limiting in certain types of sports: think of tennis or classical dance. An over-abundant chest can also cause dermatological problems, such as annoying skin irritations at the mammary furrow.

Do not underestimate the difficulties related to self-esteem that may arise. Just the discomfort felt towards too generous shapes led characters like Paola Perego and Alessia Marcuzzi (just to name a few well-known names) to rely on the surgeon. It is not always easy to face the looks that, inevitably, a prosperous breast attracts. At the same time it doesn't make you feel good never to find a dress or a bra that is capable of holding so much abundance.

There are also those who, like Angelina Jolie, have chosen reduction mammaplasty to limit the risk of breast cancer. A controversial choice that has caused quite a stir, but that is based on reasonable hypotheses: some doctors recommend it if the risk of a tumor is particularly high.

Let's not forget that reductive mastoplasty is still a very delicate operation, and involves some unpleasant consequences. To keep in mind are the scars you will have to deal with, and the almost total loss of nipple sensitivity. Furthermore breastfeeding can become very difficult, if not impossible. Consider good pros and cons before making a hasty decision!

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