Breastfeed in public

For most people, breastfeeding in public does not cause a sensation. Instead, someone is scandalized and wonders: is breastfeeding in public really necessary?

Beyond that there is no law that prevents the breast from being discovered in public to breastfeed, there are at least three other reasons why breastfeeding in public is necessary and should be encouraged:

– a physiological: it is difficult to predict when and where the child will ask to eat. Breastfeeding mothers should therefore be able to go anywhere and breastfeed their babies when needed. The breast is born first of all for breastfeeding: it is a container that produces a milk with the perfect composition and temperature!

– a legal one: the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the World Health Organization and the European Commission recognize the fundamental role that breastfeeding plays in affirming the right of the child to the highest achievable standard of health. The breastfed baby must therefore be free to have his feed when he needs it, just like any adult is free to enter a bar when he feels the need. Consequently, the mobility of mothers cannot be restricted due to breastfeeding;

– and a cultural one: breastfeeding in public is necessary for the impact this can have on the culture of infant feeding. Generations born after the seventies have been little exposed to images of women breastfeeding as a normal model of feeding children and this has diminished their importance.
But breastfeeding is the most powerful non-medical tool for decreasing infant mortality and morbidity rates and for promoting the healthy psycho-physical development of the human being.
Breastfeeding is a natural thing, part of life, if done discreetly, any place should be fine.

It takes little to be discreet, just choose the most secluded place, perhaps giving your back to the flow of passers-by, dress appropriately and undress enough.


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