Breastfeeding: advice from the midwife

What to eat, how to prepare the breast, what to drink to get ready for the fateful moment

According to Francesca Sulli, midwife at the PresidioOspedaliero G.B. Fatty of Rome, just give some "tips" to mothers before they leave the hospital or, even better, already during pregnancy, to help them overcome the doubts related to breastfeeding.


Does the breastfeeding mother have to follow a specific diet?
"During breastfeeding, mom must eat everything. A varied diet is important for both your own health and that of the child. If we get the baby used to different flavors during breastfeeding, when he grows up he won't refuse any food and we can also prevent the onset of allergies and intolerances. "

Foods to Avoid?
"Exciting substances such as caffeine, theine, etc. should be avoided. and alcohol. These are substances that are bad for adults too, but for the newborn the effects are worse because they do not digest them ”.

Is it true that during breastfeeding you need to eat more?
“It is said that in pregnancy you have to eat for two. In fact, it is during breastfeeding that we need a higher intake of calories to produce milk. This high calorie consumption, among other things, allows you to lose the extra kg that may have accumulated during pregnancy. "


What difficulties can a mother face in the first days after giving birth?
“The first few days the babies are completely unruly, they would stick to the breast at all times, which is very tiring for mom. In addition, in the first 3-4 days after childbirth there is still no milk and the baby undergoes a physiological drop which is completely natural. Many mothers are frightened at this stage, they think they cannot breastfeed and end up using infant formula. This should be absolutely avoided, because it is enough that the baby drinks only once from the bottle and will no longer be able to feed on the breast ".

In these days when there is no milk, the baby cries because of hunger?
“During the first few days the baby is not hungry. He cries because he is afraid of the new environment. And the place where you feel most comfortable is in the arms of the mother, with the little face resting on her breast. So don't give him infant formula for fear that he will cry with hunger. Instead, let's hold it tight against our breasts: thanks to the sucking, the milk will come soon ".

Fissures are a fairly common problem. How can they be prevented?
“A properly informed mom can start massaging her nipples with almond oil already during pregnancy. So it softens them to deal with the sucking, which is very strong. We have to prepare ourselves psychologically for the idea that it will hurt a little, but we must not be discouraged. "

More tips for new mothers?
“We assume that only 3% of women cannot really breastfeed. For all the others, two things are fundamental: the first is correct information which, if possible, should start already during pregnancy; the second is our love as a mother, which for the well-being of our baby will help us overcome all the small difficulties that we will be able to encounter ".


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