Briatore-Gregoraci: the ping pong match that confirms peace


The holiday together in Dubai, and various social testimonies, confirm the peace returned to the Gregoraci-Briatore couple. For the love of his son Nathan

Between Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci, the not-so-happy experience of GF Vip has been archived, the serene is back. Thanks to the holiday at the beginning of the year in Dubai, where Elisabetta turned immediately after the New Year at GF Vip and where the entrepreneur inaugurated a new Billionaire, the couple documented the serenity and complicity of the past days with photos and videos on their respective Instagram accounts together. For the love of his son Nathan.

The last sees Flavio and Ely engaged in a game of ping pong, the son referee. Precisely for the love of the child, Gregoraci had decided to interrupt his stay in the house, and to spend Christmas with him and Flavio, like a normal family. Although separated, she decided to love each other and to maintain peaceful relations. Gone are the days of controversy, due to some of his statements to the roommates, which had not gone down to the entrepreneur. Briatore himself had taken the first step by writing her a letter live, explaining his doubts but remarking his esteem for her. From that moment on, even Elisabetta had reversed course and relations, little by little, had been mended. And this holiday together in Dubai confirms this.

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