Bring 52 and it could be the new Miss Italy

Bring 52 and it could be the new Miss Italy

Already chosen 11 candidates with soft sizes. The presenter Simona Ventura: "Never be ashamed of your shapes" Mirigliani: "Generous shapes belong to happy women"

Miss Italy, here are the three curvy girls in the pre-final

Stefania Nocella (pictured) 29 year old from Ancona, was rescued by the patron Patrizia Mirigliani after being excluded by the jury "for the meaning that her presence represents as an opening to the female world and, in particular, to that of curvy women". For the first time the Miss Italy contest admits a size 52 in the contest.

Miss Italia becomes "curvy" and opens to soft sizes. In the final, for the first time in the history of the competition, there will be oversized girls, from 44 to 52. Eleven candidates have already been chosen: from 1st to 25th August they will be eligible to vote and the first three will be admitted directly to the National Prefinals of Miss Italia, scheduled in Jesolo.

The reconfirmed presenter Simona Ventura, who knows about soft sizes, said in an interview published by Vanity Fair: «Girls must not be ashamed of their shapes. These women are leaving the ghetto to establish themselves as a canon of beauty and as women. Too often we hear of girls suffering from feeding problems, who are not accepted for a few more belly wires. Female beauty, on the other hand, cannot be tied to any type of pattern. Women exist in all sizes. "

The patron of the Patrizia Mirigliani competition echoes her:

Beauty, generous forms, inner balance: it is a winning formula that Miss Italia has brought out into the open. Generous forms bring joy, belong to happy women, aware of the well-being linked to their forms

In the jury also Elisa D'Ospina, supermodel and writer symbol of the curvy world:

I am happy that the girls take courage and begin to have the strength to get involved. Beauty is not a question of size

Curvy girls are:

N.1 – Chiara Lembo of Rome
No. 2 – Agnese Campi of Rome
N.3 – Stefania Maulie of Aprilia (Rome)
N.4 – Verdiana Vitti di Cavallino (Lecce)
N.5 – Eleonora Ambrosi of Rome
N.6 – Michela Ronci di Colleferro (Rome)
N.7 – Giulia Accardi of Marsala (Trapani)
N.8 – Vincenza Barrels of Vallo della Lucania (Salerno)
N.9 – Demetra Arena of Genoa
N.10 – Majra Scognamiglio di Volla (Naples)
N.11 – Stefania Nocella (Ancona)

To vote on them, you must register in the area dedicated to users who intend to cast their vote on "The Curvy of Miss Italy", with their data. After receiving a confirmation email from the system with the link to access the voting page, the user can cast a maximum of three votes, not all to the same girl, but one each to his three favorite misses.

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