Britney Spears, father's documents appear: "She has dementia"

Britney Spears, father's documents appear: "She has dementia"

Despite the #FreeBritney movement, there is still no peace for Spears. According to his father, he suffers from dementia

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There is no peace for Britney Spears: some documents formalize the diagnosis of dementia, of which her father has always been a strong supporter. Britney's life was studded with successes, love affairs and recklessness. The first mental breakdown of the woman dates back to 2007, when the father decided to take on his full legal responsibility.

Some secret documents will be treated in the course of a documentary, as reported by The Sun: "The Battle for Britney" will in fact be published on the BBC. On the one hand, we have a woman who has been undergoing control over her father for years, Jamie Spears, who filed Britney's diagnosis of dementia in court.

On the other hand, there is Jamie Spears, a controversial personality to say the least. “The document shows that the pop star's father was aware of his mental problems. This is why Britney, albeit against her will, remained in a rehabilitation mindset for months. "

"The guardian of a person suffering from dementia – or who has a disease related to it – can in fact authorize hospitalization and give permission for the administration of drugs for the treatment." Although the truth is in part far from being discovered, perhaps the BBC documentary will – finally – shed light on one of the most debated issues of recent times.

Currently, Britney's legal guardian and conservator of economic assets remains her father, as she has obtained the "conservatorship", which in America is the protection intended for people who are unable to understand and want, the sick or the elderly. . Now, however, Britney would like to finally live her life without her father deciding for her.

To support her in the enterprise, her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who never abandoned her: the two maintained a beautiful bond of sincere affection. Even the mother of the two, Lynne Spears, had wanted to reconnect with her daughter, but it seems more for an economic question, unfortunately.

The #FreeBritney movement, born in recent years, aims to support the artist and allow her to live her life in total autonomy, without the shadow of her father weighing on her decisions, even the simplest ones, such as driving a 'car. We just have to hope that the BBC documentary is clearer about it: in the meantime, Britney will have to stand up in court, against her father, to regain her freedom.

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