Britney Spears is pregnant, on Instagram the announcement of the third pregnancy

The American artist is pregnant with her third child: the news comes directly from Britney Spears’ Instagram

Britney Spears turns 40: her iconic outfits from 2000 to today

Britney Spears turns 40: her iconic outfits from 2000 to today

After years of battles for freedom and the desire to free herself from the legal guardianship of her father, a period of great happiness has opened for Britney Spears. She regained her life, she is now ready for a new chapter in her existence and to welcome a child, her third, whom she has declared she expects through a long post on Instagram.

Britney Spears is pregnant, her words on Instagram

As expected, the big news was given through his official Instagram channel, which he often uses to share moments of fun everyday life. From here, the announcement of her engagement with Sam Ashgari had also arrived, the one who will make her mother of her for the third time and at 40 years old. She is also the man who pushed her to make her voice heard, to assert herself and to ask to return mistress of her in her days but also of her rich heritage, estimated at 60 million. dollars.

“Of course I won’t go around as much because the paparazzi have to make money with my photos as sadly they have already done. It’s hard because when I was pregnant I already suffered from perinatal depression… And I have to say it’s absolutely horrendous… Back then women didn’t talk about it so much. This time I’ll do yoga every day! ”.

The news was welcomed with great joy by the couple, who said they were ready to face this new path that started almost suddenly. The two will also get married soon. For the creation of her wedding dress, Britney has also chosen an exceptional designer: our Donatella Versace. The two appeared together on Spears’ social media, which she so wanted to reveal to the world that she was in full wedding preparations.

For Spears this is the third pregnancy. She the artist is in fact already the mother of Sean Preston and Jayden James, born from her marriage with Kevin Federline. The boys live with their father, who has obtained primary custody.

The end of conservatorship and freedom

A decade certainly not an easy one, the one crossed by Britney Spears, who only recently freed herself from the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears, taking back her life and the management of her assets. An achievement that she wanted to point out several times, through her social networks, showing herself completely in control of her existence and her future.

The revocation request was accepted by County Supreme Court Judge Brenda Penny, who ruled the end of Jamie Spears’ lengthy legal guardianship of her daughter, which began in 2008 and continued on a particularly painful road for the artist, who he had to face and overcome his many health problems, especially taking care of the mental one.

The newfound freedom has satisfied her but also the millions of fans around the world, who for years have been clamoring for her to be freed from her father’s grasp and finally come back to life. Her break with her family was clearly inevitable and not only with her father, but also with her sister, the one who has always been close to her in her most difficult years.

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