"Britney Spears suffers from dementia": the heavy accusation of the father

"Britney Spears suffers from dementia": the heavy accusation of the father

"Britney Spears suffers from dementia," says the document filed by the singer's father to justify the protection of his daughter's assets. The FreeBritney movement rises

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"Britney Spears Suffers From Dementia". So would say the document filed by his father Jamie, in order to ask for legal protection on the assets of his daughter, which he has held since 2008 but for the abolition of which many are fighting, from fans (with the FreeBritney movement), to the mother, to many vip colleagues and various celebrities.

Spears has been under guardianship for 13 years, after the famous mental health problems that had sent her first to hospital, and then to rehab, in 2008.

According to various foreign tabloids, including Daily Mail and The Sun, in one of the documents filed in court by the singer's father, the man would have checked the "dementia" box in the document justifying Britney's request for protection. To explain the detail is the journalist Mobeen Azhar, director of a documentary entitled The Battle For Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship, which will air Wednesday 5 May on BBC Two.

According to the documentary, there are documents showing that dementia could be the reason he has been living under strict legal constraints for over 12 years.

“There are two options: Britney may have dementia and if so the world doesn't know. The other option is actually more sinister. This is the notion that she does not have dementia, but the guardianship team suggested that she has it because they want to justify the same protection, "Azhar told the Daily Mail.

Immediate protest reaction from the FreeBritney group that has been fighting for some time to "free" their darling from paternal control. "These are just rumors and speculations invented in 2008 and approved at the time by the judge to put it under guardianship". Because if Brit really suffered from dementia, they explain, "How could she have been singing on tour, releasing albums and making TV commercials in the meantime?".

The singer has indeed released a song for her 39th birthday in December, Swimming In The Stars, has released four albums and participated in four global tours during the "tutelage" of her father.

This heavy accusation from the father comes after he denounced his ex-wife (since 2002), and Britney's mother, Lynne, of "exploiting her daughter's pain and trauma" in new court documents.

However, it must be said that Jamie Spears has temporarily retired from the financial role of legal guardian due to health problems and that Britney's manager has replaced him.

Meanwhile, Britney posted on Instagram on Friday a black and white image of a young girl posing with her middle finger raised, with the caption: "Hi, my name is Britney Spears … nice to meet you !!!!! One of my strongest gifts is that I'm pretty simple. " '

The post came just days after it was reported that he will speak in court on June 23, 2021 regarding his controversial guardianship case.

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