Britney Spears topless on Instagram: The hot photo!

Britney Spears topless on Instagram: The hot photo!

Britney Spears wanted to respond to haters who accused her of being fat by showing her perfect body on Instagram with a topless

Between the heat and the tan, the stars seem to have found the desire to undress on social media. After Belen Rodriguez, on holiday in Ibiza with her family and little Santiago, two other divas thought about setting the web on fire with their sexy shots: Patty Pravo and Britney Spears. Two very different women united by one passion: topless!

In these hours Patty Pravo left everyone speechless and, at 68 years old, she sported a breathtaking body and perfect breasts during a moment of break from her very lucky Here I am Tour 2016. Her fans were enthusiastic about it and on Instagram and Twitter, the Piper girl has collected hundreds of likes, compliments and positive comments.

Later the fans were "cheered" by another topless VIP. We are talking about Britney Spears, who posted on social media a shot that portrays her semi naked on a boat at the sea while admiring the horizon. After the accusations of gaining weight, which had overwhelmed her some time ago, the interpreter of "Baby One More Time" wanted to show everyone the shape found. Thanks to a photo with abs too slightly sculpted on the cover of "Women's Health", the star had been accused of having resorted to Photoshop to change her physique. This time, then, Britney Spears wanted to give everyone an answer and, thanks to the success of the brand new single Make Me, she sported a perfect body with the curves at the right point, making fans dream that obviously covered her with enthusiastic compliments.

A new pleasant surprise for those who have always followed the singer after a few days ago Britney Spears announced the release of her ninth album of unreleased "Glory". Shortly before, it was the turn of Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, paparazzi on vacation and completely naked. At this point we just have to wait for the next topless vip! Who will it be?

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