Bronchial asthma, because therapies should not be stopped in the summer

Bronchial asthma, because therapies should not be stopped in the summer

The changes in temperature can greatly affect the picture of those suffering from this corneal disease

Are we on vacation? So let's enjoy it, forgetting the drugs and counting on the fact that the pollens that cause allergy and therefore the respiratory crises that characterize asthma are now "gone". If you have thoughts of this kind and suffer from bronchial asthma, remember that treatment should not be stopped unless your doctor tells you to. And don't forget that temperature changes, physical exertion and high altitudes can bring back problems that seemed forgotten.

The disease is chronic

When difficulty in breathing, a feeling of stuffy nose and hunger for air seem to disappear, do not "give up" with the treatments indicated by the doctor, unless the doctor recommends it. The reason?

In fact, asthma is a disease that, while not causing any problems, maintains an almost constant level of inflammation along the respiratory tract; in light of this, saying goodbye to drugs without the indications of those who treat us can be counterproductive, also because there are so many potential situations that can awaken, in predisposed subjects, a respiratory reaction. It is clear that these are not just viruses that circulate in the environment.

Just think, for example, of the excessive physical activity that can trigger exercise-induced asthma. Or rather, just reflect on air conditioners, which must be regularly checked, to prevent allergens from forming inside them that could be spread in the air we breathe.

It is always better to have the technicians carry out regular checks, especially if you consider taking the car and undertaking long journeys. Likewise, beware of artificial "cold". Refreshment is certainly pleasant, but attention must be paid to temperature changes that can create problems.

It is never advisable to go below 20 ° C when it is very hot outside and you are very sweaty, because you can open the doors to colds and consequent respiratory problems. The cavities of the nose are among the parts of the body that "cool down" the most and therefore the viruses, which reproduce best around 33 ° C in the body, can trigger discomfort.

Rhinoviruses, for example, tend to proliferate when the body temperature drops, and this is precisely what happens when we quickly go from hot to cold. The irritation that the viruses create can therefore contribute, in subjects suffering from asthma, to a re-ignition of the symptoms.

Eye on vacation

It may happen that holiday homes are not cleaned with particular attention: for this reason there is a risk – if you do not choose the mountain – that dust in which the mite lurks remains, capable of triggering allergic crises.

For this reason, whenever possible, remember to go to your vacation spots a few days before to ventilate the room and, if there are asthmatic people, also check for the presence of mold on the walls. As if that weren't enough, cockroaches lay eggs and leave excrements behind which can trigger the onset of allergies in people predisposed to being affected by their action.

To prevent this problem, you need to regularly eliminate food residues in the kitchen and store food in airtight containers. These are just examples, which, however, must make us reflect and remind us that, if the doctor does not clearly indicate it, suspending treatment for asthma is not really indicated.

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