Brown alga, it makes you lose weight and helps the thyroid

Brown alga, it makes you lose weight and helps the thyroid

Widespread above all in cold seas, brown algae – or fucus seaweed – is excellent for maintaining efficient thyroid and fast metabolism

The brown algae, also known as fucus algae, allows to keep the thyroid function efficient, with positive consequences on the weight.

Widespread above all on the coasts of the Northern European seas, it has beneficial properties that have begun to be studied in depth since the end of the 19th century. Rich in minerals such as bromine, iodine and potassium but also vitamins (especially vitamin C and B5), in 1862 it was the focus of Duchesne-Duparc studies, started with the intention of analyzing its benefits against psoriasis. As many times it happens when we talk about science, it has succeeded in arriving at another result, discovering that this alga is able to favor the metabolism of lipids.

Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridges and, today as today, brown algae is one of the most used ingredients for the preparation of slimming supplements. Science has obviously not stopped investigating its benefits, focusing in particular on those related to thyroid activity. An interesting study in this regard is a 2017 study, conducted by an active team at the University of Samarra (Iraq).

The researchers, starting from knowledge related to the iodine intake that can guarantee this alga (we speak of an essential mineral for the efficiency of the thyroid gland), focused on its effectiveness as a complementary therapy for hypothyroidism, obtaining results positive on some laboratory mice.

With regard to supplements of brown algae to lose weight, it is important to mention the fact that, very often, this ingredient is associated with others, always natural, which favor the drainage of excess fluids, acting against water retention. In this category it is possible to include white birch and asparagus first. We also remember its benefits concerning the contrast of irritable bowel symptoms.

The brown algae, also known as the "marine oak" thanks to the Latin intellectual Pliny the Elder (it was he who noticed a resemblance to the leaves of the aforementioned plant), can have very different dimensions. There are no overt contraindications to its recruitment. In any case, before starting to take it, it is good to consult your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or are taking medication.

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