Brown rice diet: lose weight in 9 days

Brown rice diet: lose weight in 9 days

With the brown rice diet you lose many pounds in just 9 days, fighting the swollen belly and water retention

Good, but above all healthy, brown rice is the protagonist of a diet that allows you to lose several kg in just 9 days.

Poor in calories (about 33 per 100 grams) and rich in nutrients, brown rice is the ideal way to get back in shape in a short time and without sacrificing taste. The diet that has as its protagonist this food is particularly easy to follow, because it allows to vary the dishes and the combinations. At your disposal you will have not only classic brown rice, but also red and black ones.

It is a cereal with great beneficial properties. It contains a high quantity of fiber, vitamins and mineral salts, and it is very easy to digest. Not surprisingly, the diet of brown rice was conceived a few years ago by Walter Kempner, a German doctor specialized in the treatment of obesity. Over time this diet has become famous and also used by those who only need to reduce swelling and lose a few pounds.

In fact, brown rice is the perfect food to eliminate the swollen belly, counteract cellulite and water retention. This diet lasts between 10 and 12 days, during which it is necessary to follow a specific food program. Before starting, always ask your doctor for advice, to find out if this is the right choice for you. Also remember that the food scheme should not be followed for too long, because it is particularly restrictive and could cause shortcomings.

The first phase is the hardest and involves a period of three days during which you will have to eat only brown rice. As a single concession you will have some fruit and vegetables, which you will need to purify the body and eliminate excess toxins. In the second phase, the actual diet begins, which lasts 9 days. Brown rice (a portion of 50 grams) should be savored every day, for lunch and dinner, combined with lean proteins, such as fish, chicken and ricotta, and detox vegetables, such as fennel, artichokes, asparagus, radicchio, carrots and celery.

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