Brown: the lip color for autumn 2018

Brown: the lip color for autumn 2018

The 90s are back in the limelight, not only in fashion but also in make-up: in fact one of the trends for autumn 2018 is brown lipstick

Brown is back in the limelight, confirming itself as one of the trendy colors of autumn 2018. Disappeared after the nineties, chocolate is back, not only on the runways but also on the lips of celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

Brown lipstick does not go unnoticed, but the versatility of this color allows you to combine it with your look, casual or glam. In addition, brown is good for everyone: just like red lipstick, just find the right shade that matches perfectly with your complexion for a flawless result.

How to find your shade

In general, brown suits everyone, but finding the perfect shade will allow you to make the most of your complexion. If you have a very light complexion, focus on a brown tending to plum with a red undertone, while if you have dark skin, play with the contrast by choosing lighter shades with a pink undertone.

The light brown is perfect to give an elegant finish to your look, and allows you to experiment with color without having to go all the way in the first few times. Also, if you have fine lips, this is the color for you. In fact, if the dark colors tend to shrink the lips, the light colors accentuate them.

The hazelnut brown, on the other hand, is perfect for those with red hair and a light complexion because it contains orange and pink pigments.

The dark brown color is ideal for light browns with a medium complexion: the warmer reflections of brown lipstick mix with those of red for an intense dark chocolate effect.

How to combine brown lipstick

There are so many different shades of this color that it is difficult to recommend just one look. If you choose a brown with nude tones, so very close to the color of your complexion, you can dare with an intense eye makeup or a smokey one.

If, on the other hand, you choose a darker color for your lips, the rest of the make-up must be balanced against the intensity of the lips. In this case, then play with neutral and warm colors to harmonize the face and avoid overloading the eye make-up. In this case the blush plays a fundamental role: choose a pink or beige tone to warm the face.

In general it avoids the dark colors on the eyes, if not a line of eyeliner, and aims to illuminate the eyes with bright eye shadows from the colors of the same family as brown, like copper or champagne.

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