Brushes and devices for cleaning the face: which to choose?

Brushes and devices for cleaning the face: which to choose?

More and more often we hear of brushes for cleaning the face, which would guarantee a cleansing up to 6 times greater than the classic one. Let's find out together!

It has been a long time since many people chose to rely on a more complete and profound type of facial cleansing through devices that simulate professional treatments to be used comfortably at home for home use. They allow the skin to be thoroughly cleaned, up to six times more than the normal detergent we use in the evening before going to sleep, but at the same time they stimulate the production of collagen, help to minimize pores, fight acne, can drain and are useful for preparing the skin for subsequent treatments.

They usually go on battery and recharge by attaching them to the power socket or to the USB and they have a mechanical action, given by the rotation or by the oscillation in the case of sonic pulsations. Promote the removal of dirt that settles on the face every day at home of air pollution, carrying out a purifying and detox action, cleansing the skin and leaving it clean and with a renewed complexion.

Using these devices is very simple: wet the face and the head, operate, choose the speed when possible, apply a little foaming detergent on the face and pass the device on it making circular movements. Some have a timer to know how much to massage, but in general it only takes a few minutes for a complete treatment. The detergent must not contain a scrub or microspheres inside because the exfoliating action and removal of dead cells is already carried out when the brushes pass and you risk irritating the skin more. Once the cleaning is finished, rinse your face and head or brush (many are totally waterproof) and let it dry in the air.

Speaking of irritations, it is normal if the skin seems to get worse after the first use. It is possible in fact that it can react, for example by letting out peaks of acne or pimples, this because being a deep cleansing to which we are not used, all impurities tend to surface. With constant use, however, you will notice a clear improvement in terms of cleanliness, radiance, reduction of pores, blackheads and skin firmness.

How to choose your own device?

Depending on the type of product, you can choose devices with interchangeable or fixed brushes but the most effective are those that use sonic pulses. The more pulsations and rotations the better, the cleaning will be more effective and profound. Speed ​​is also important: prefer devices with more speed, to be dosed according to the type of cleaning you want to perform. Normally we start with a lower speed (especially for the first uses) until we get to the greater one, to clean in depth. In the case of interchangeable heads you can choose the type: some differ in the type of skin, from sensitive to acne, for human skin or oily skin and it is advisable to ambiate them every 3-4 months. Others have interchangeable heads depending on the effect or the area to be treated, such as specific heads for the eye area, to firm or deflate.

Source: Clarisonic – Mia Smart

The most famous devices on the market are Clarisonic and Foreo. Clarisonic uses sonic pulsations but using interchangeable heads depending on the type of skin or the effect to be obtained: sensitive, acneic, exfoliating, illuminating, firming, revitalizing, deep cleansing. It also features massage heads for the body, feet and even heads for applying makeup. As with almost all high-end devices, a cheaper version is also available with reduced functionality, for those who want to approach the world of brush cleaning without having to spend too much money.

Source: Foreo – LUNA Fofo

Foreo, on the other hand, is a unique device, with no possibility of changing heads. There are various models and prices, but they are all made of medical and waterproof silicone. The classic device is the largest and most complete, but over the years there have been many portable devices, Foreo Ufo for the application of masks in just 90 seconds, the Foreo Issa toothbrush, the super hi-tech Luna fofo, to be connected via an app to the smartfone to verify the type of skin, the indicated cleaning routine and the progression and improvement of its state and still Luna Play Plus, with rechargeable AAA batteries and a low price, Espada for anti-acne treatment with blue light and Iris, the massager for the eye area.

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