Buffon: "Exceptional Alena, we won't make our children suffer." Ilaria shut up

Buffon: "Exceptional Alena, we won't make our children suffer." Ilaria shut up

Alena Seredova and Nasi, Gigi and Ilaria D’Amico

Like just a year ago, Gigi Buffon and Alena Seredova play with their Fiji on a beach. The national team goalkeeper and the Czech model, separated since May, are together again, for the love of their children. That crisis, the insinuations, the suspicions of a link with Ilaria D'Amico (who talks about this relationship in an interview with Sorrisi e Canzoni) seems distant, reabsorbed after a mass of titles and services from the announcement by Dagospia that something between them had changed.

To show these images, on the beach of Recife, is the weekly Diva e Donna that shows Gigi dad in a break of the World Cup, a dad who plays and amuses his David Lee and Louis Thomas who joined him with his mother for Italy-Costa Rica .

A decisive game, before the locker room hysteria that took place during the meeting with Uruguay, which did not have the desired result and which marked an incurable debacle for the score and the outcome of Brazil2014.

The former national team also returned to Italy Cesare Prandelli will have to refound himself to fill the football void expressed in this expected World Cup.

For Buffon, the questions related to his position and the ways in which we will proceed with the separation from Alena open up. Ilaria D’Amico stayed in Italy to comment on the matches for Sky. The host on her story with the goalkeeper replied: "From this point of view it is a complicated moment, which puts a strain on my obsession with confidentiality. But they are the rules of the game and I accept them without victimization: my job it gives a lot, this is the necessary duty. Basically it is also a teaching: beyond taboos, life takes on folds that you would never expect ".

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