BUN and creatinine for kidney health

BUN and creatinine for kidney health

This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains how to keep kidney health under control

Azotemia and creatinine are two tests often required to assess the health of the urinary tract. In fact, if their values ​​rise, we can suspect that the kidneys do not perform their function well, which is to filter, purify and lead us to dispose of the toxins that the body produces every day. In practice, these are real "natural washing machines" of the blood that work to eliminate what needs to be thrown out.

Nitrogen, like urea, comes from the destruction of amino acids. Creatinine, on the other hand, is an organic compound which in turn derives as a waste product from a molecule called creatine, present in the muscles. The amount of creatinine that is produced depends on the muscle mass, but remains constant over time. Measuring creatine in the blood is helpful in determining if the kidney is okay.

How kidney health tests work

Azotemia and creatininemia are two sensitive parameters and their increase indicates the suffering of the kidney which can be linked to an infection or the onset of renal failure. In this case the doctor may ask for a specific test called creatinine clearance.

This test detects creatinine concentrations at the beginning and at the end of the control cycle in the blood and provides for the detection of the urine sample in the last 24 hours. In this way, the results obtained are used to calculate the concentration of creatinine that passes from the blood and urine. You can thus have a parameter of how much blood is filtered by the kidneys in the related time period. By analyzing the two values, the doctor can determine if the kidney is okay. As creatinine rises in the blood, the kidney's ability to cleanse falls.

The kidney is a very sensitive organ that can easily get sick, being affected by its specific diseases or even by situations that affect the entire body, such as diabetes, hypertension, severe atherosclerosis of the arteries that carry blood to the kidney.

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