Burgundy lipstick: how to wear it

One of the most versatile colors, but also the most delicate: the banana peel is always around the corner

One of the most beloved colors ever arrives from the Twenties: the burgundy, or pomace, depopulated on the lips of the most aggressive and sensual women on the planet as a new female conscience like that of the early twentieth-century suffragettes. Will it have a social value after the scandals in the Hollywood jet set, or is it a taste borrowed from one of the most popular British series of recent times as Downton Abbey? Whatever it is, for sure it is a color that must be worn with grace and audacity, like the ultra red. Here you can find some suggestions among the trendiest lipsticks of the season.

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The burgundy recalls all the voluptuousness and softness of the velvet, therefore it is perfect on the full and turgid lips. However, even models with admittedly thin lips go crazy for this slightly dark color: you just have to carry it with determination. An example? Cara Delevingne, beautiful and certainly not famous for her lips.

The make-up

The rule is that if you value your lips, it would be better not to overdo it with your eyes. Soft colors, mascara and pencil or eyeliner are a guarantee of order and harmony, this does not mean that an anthracite smokey eyes is perfect. Better to leave it for the evening though!

Gloss or matt finish?

Here too the evaluation should be based on age and occasion. There are women who would never wear it, not even at Carnival, and others who would even wear it at the gym. The advice is not to overdo it, but to satisfy your own style. The burgundy matt is very elegant for a day's work, for a date, for an aperitif (where you will use the seductive straw!) Before dinner. But in the evening a touch of gloss is enough, the set is perfect to put the smartphone flash out of action.

Don't do it!

When do you absolutely not have to take it? When you're not sure of yourself. If you have to take an exam or a job interview and you are not perfectly confident or you believe that there is a minimum chance that it will not end with success … opt for a nude, and take off your mind.

How to apply it?

To obtain a velvet effect, the lipstick should be applied after spreading the pencil, starting from the center of the lips to the corners without fear. For those less familiar, it is better to use a brush to avoid smudging corners. If instead you want to give an effect more underground and rock, better to use the fingertips and to tap the lips with the fingers: the color will be less uniform and softer. Then it also depends on the texture of the lipstick and your aptitude for bringing strong colors. Perhaps for the first time, better to use your fingers. If you have any doubts, read this article.

The look?

And here there are endless parentheses: the burgundy is the most versatile color known. It can be the ideal companion to bring a bit of glamor into a room, as, conversely, to create havoc with an electric guitar and a microphone. The perfect color for Kristen Stewart and Rihanna.

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