Burnout: what it is, causes and symptoms of work-related stress syndrome

Burnout: what it is, causes and symptoms of work-related stress syndrome

Too much work, wrong relationships with colleagues or superiors and overload of tasks can undermine our serenity

There is a saying that says: do what you love and you won't have to work even a day of your life. This sentence is motivational and gives us the charge to pursue our dreams and turn them into a job but, unfortunately, it is not always so easy.

Working serves and sometimes tired. Meetings, deadlines, meetings, deadlines and items that are not always friendly, can be a source of great stress, with serious consequences for our body and mind.

When work (or lack of this) stresses us in an important way, we can suffer from burnout syndrome: a chronic, poorly managed stress-relieving process, which can become a real discomfort for our daily serenity and for our psychophysical well-being.

Only in this last period, burnout has been classified as a "syndrome" by the World Health Organization (WHO), and has been described in more detail, linking it directly to the world of work. Thus, burnout is a problem concerning the difficulty in managing daily life, the working sphere and the lack of employment.

The symptoms of burnout are a great feeling of stress, exhaustion and fatigue. At work one feels absent and distant, one does not make decisions and one faces the working day with negativity and cynicism. Last but not least, lowering the quality of results and a greater difficulty in facing simple challenges and concentrating.

The cause of these symptoms can come from incorrect work and time management, with an overload of tasks or responsibilities not suited to our person and our abilities. Even the failure to recognize the results obtained, mobbing or psychological harassment of colleagues or superiors, can be important causes of burnout.

This syndrome can be confused with similar pathologies, such as adaptation disorder, anxiety or depression, because some symptoms are the same. Initially, burnout referred only to that type of occupations of great responsibility to third parties, such as doctors or nurses, but today it is extended to every task and use without distinction.

Our work should make us feel at ease and should not become a source of stress, because a wrong workplace can really undermine our serenity and our self-esteem.

If you feel that your job does not represent you or if you have relationship problems with colleagues, always remember to talk about it to try to resolve the situation and guarantee a fulfilling and serene daily working life, to achieve the set goals, both personal and growth goals company.

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