But how do you do it standing up? Here is the answer (and some advice)

come farlo in piedi

How to “do it” standing up? While it looks really easy in the movies, these tips can help you prove your fantasy!

Punctual as a Swiss watch and generally as someone passes in front of the television, here he comes.

how to do it standing

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What are we talking about? But of course that hot scene which sees the couple involved in a passionate reportversus the Wall.
Past the embarrassment because those who do not know you think that you are watching a series with only erotic content, it is time to move on to the facts. But How do they do it to to do it standing?

How to do it standing up: the guide to try it and some useful advice

Since you saw it happen in your series TV favoritenow you feel like trying it.

how to do it standing

(source: Canva)

Let’s talk about doing it standing, that thing in movies and series it really seems very simple but that you haven’t tried in life yet.
Or, if you tried it, you realized one thing almost immediately: it is extremely complicated!
Doing it standing is not easy, this is certain: why, however, do we always see it happening?

Well, it’s not just an extremely scenic location (unlike, for example, the position of the triceratops we told you about here).
Then there is another very important factor: sometimes you don’t have a plan to lean on and the passion is too much to look for! Finally, there is also another reason to do it standing up: it’s fun!
Of course, obviously if you know how to do it: here is the guide to try to do it standing up and some useful tips.

The guide on how to do it standing: here are the steps not to forget

Let’s start from the base and try to understand what are all the steps to learn how to do it standing.

  • You and your partner need to talk about that what do you mean by “doing it” standing. Do you want a full report? Do you want to try only masturbation or oral [email protected]? Establish everything before you start: during it is more complicated!
  • Assess your fitness. Hey, we’re not saying this with the intent of shaming you because the Monday you were supposed to start going to the gym hasn’t arrived yet!
    Try to understand if you could stand for a long time making love: your partner should be able to support you, even for a minute, and you too must be able to resist with your abs in tension. In short, do some tests!
  • Look for the right “room”. After all, the house isn’t just made up of the bedroom, is it? You can try different options: the kitchen to lean on the counter or the dining table or, if you feel really ready, even the shower or the wardrobe.
    The small spaces, where the walls are close to each other, allow you to “fit in” perfectly, reducing the physical adventures that you will have to endure. In short, whatever can help you, better use it!
  • Start from the basic position! When trying to do this standing, it is best to start in the easiest position of all. You could turn your back on your partner and lean against the wall: it doesn’t get any easier than that! Be sure to check out ours positions for people who have significant height differences before you try and you will be good to go. Another “simple” position that however requires a minimum of balance and attention is the one where you are turned towards him and, to initiate the relationship, you raise one leg ending up encircling their hips. Fun is guaranteed but you have to be careful not to slip!

Tips for completing the relationship without harm

Now that you know all about getting started to do it in feetcan not miss the advice to avoid making some disaster.
Here are ours!

  • use the lubricant: better to have it on hand, rather than having to spend a long time doing foreplay while standing!
  • stand on your toes: the partner who is penetrated should always stand on tiptoe. It makes penetration and movement easier – be extra careful though!
  • find the right angle: even “horizontal” intimate relationships sometimes require the search for the right angle. If lying down everything is easier, know that one of the best tips on how to do it standing up we could give you is to take some time to find the right angle. Avoid getting hurt and think about pleasure: when you are standing everything changes and, therefore, even the movements will be different!
  • use everything you can: between cushions, shelves (which we hope are well fixed), sofa armrests and load-bearing walls you are spoiled for choice.
    Use whatever can help you make your relationship hot but comfortable now that you are on your feet – there is no shame in putting a pillow between you and the wall to not hurt your back!
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