Call me love again, 5 things you need to know about the tv series

The broadcast of "Call me again love", the series with Greta Scarano, Simone Liberati and Claudia Pandolfi, will start on May 3

The TV miniseries Call me again love is ready to debut, the programming of which kicks off on the Rai 1 schedule starting from Monday 3 May and which sees – among the performers – Greta Scarano, Simone Liberati and Claudia Pandolfi.

A high-level cast and an interesting plot, which delves into relationships, are some of the elements that characterize this fiction that will unfold for six episodes, divided into three evenings.

Here are five things to know about Call Me Love Again.

The title and the direction

The title of the television miniseries was initially another or The Promise, then changed during the making to Call me again love. The direction is by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli and the fiction was produced by Indigo film and Rai Fiction. The series is set in

The plot

Call Me Again Love tells the story of a couple struggling with a marriage that doesn't work. Before, their relationship was based on passion, respect and love; time has transformed it and made them incompatible. After eleven years and a son, therefore, they separate. In the story, social services have to intervene to assess how they are as parents and it will be one of these social workers who will retrace the couple's history, right from the start, to discover the reason for this change. The series is set in Bracciano and in the villages overlooking the lake.

The cast of actors

The television miniseries boasts a cast of actors of the highest caliber. There is Greta Scarano who plays Anna Santi, the protagonist who meets her future husband when she is still a medical student. An actress already known for several projects for both television and the big screen. Among the many, for example, was Ilary Blasi in Speravo de morì prima. To interpret Enrico Tagliaferri is the actor Simone Liberati, the husband of Anna Santi, also for him a great career in the entertainment world with roles for the small and big screen. The couple's son, Pietro Tagliaferri, is instead played by Federico Ielapi. Finally, it is Claudia Pandolfi who brings the social worker Rosa Puglisi to the screen.

When to see the miniseries

The series will air for three events, consisting of two episodes each starting from Monday 3 May in prime time on Rai 1. The first and second episode are previewed on RaiPlay from Monday 26 April.


The first two episodes are entitled The party and The dilemma. The series delves into human relationships and feelings, up to the difficulties of a couple that breaks out and sees a great feeling transformed into a family war. In the first episode we will see Anna struggling with a surprise party organized by Enrico. In the second, the social worker, to decide who to entrust with the custody of the child, decides to start from the beginning of their story.

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