Camilla: evidence from Regina on Instagram, but there are those who row against

Camilla: evidence from Regina on Instagram, but there are those who row against

Camilla appeared smiling and very elegant on Instagram and seems to be ready to be the Queen, but there are those who disagree

Camilla enchants Greece, all the looks of the official visit with Carlo

A few days have passed since the funeral of Prince Philip, and while Charles and Anna attended the commemoration of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who served the Crown, Camilla appeared radiant on Instagram, in the first image published after the official period of mourning.

The Duchess of Cornwall, immortalized in her residence of Clarence House smiling and very elegant, seems to be engaged in the dress rehearsal as Regina. Prince Charles's wife has announced the second season of The Duchess of Cornwall's Reading Room, her online reading club that was launched last year.

For the shot Camilla would have chosen to wear a jewel with a special sentimental value: a gold bracelet with heart-shaped pendants, which according to the Daily Mail would be an anniversary gift from Prince Charles. In fact, on the day of Prince Philip's death, the couple crossed the milestone of 16 years of marriage: a sad coincidence, which has not escaped the most attentive.

In recent years, Camilla has tried to keep away from the scandals that have always hovered around her figure, preparing herself for the role that she is entitled to by law, that of Queen Consort.

But there are those who think that Kate Middleton should become the next Sovereign of England. Uncle Gary Goldsmith told the Daily Mail: “These ten years have been incredible for her. She undertook that job in the best possible way, her success stems from the fact that they recognized her as the best thing that could have happened to the Royal Family. It is their greatest asset right now. It was a breath of fresh air even then and I never missed a shot! ".

It did not escape Middleton's uncle that the Queen looked incredibly fragile during Prince Philip's funeral. Understandable under the circumstances, but apparently this raised questions about the future of the monarchy: “Obviously I'm a huge fan of the Queen and it's amazing that her reign was the longest in history, but wouldn't it be great if William and Kate had the opportunity to perhaps have an even longer reign? ”said Gary Goldsmith.


Camilla at Clarence House

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