Camping: the most beautiful holiday for children

Camping: the most beautiful holiday for children

Contact with nature, sense of freedom and independence, interaction with others: 7 valid reasons for camping with your children

Camping, whether in a caravan, camper or tent, is a choice of life as well as a vacation. Not everyone loves the promiscuity, the commonality, the life in the open air h24, with lots of qualities but also of limits, which the campsite implies.

What is certain – and doctors, educators and child psychologists agree – is that camping is in many ways the most beautiful and instructive vacation for children. But also relaxing for parents, because where children have fun and are independent, mum and dad enjoy it. Or not?

Here are 7 very valid reasons that confirm the thesis: camping is the ideal vacation for children

1. Children live 24 hours a day in the open air (if we consider the tent a sort of bed under the stars). There are no – or are still limited – TV, play station, tablet. Nature is the only entertainment for them.
2. We play, we eat, we sleep in close contact with others. This helps and develops the ability to interact and tolerate others.
3. Everything has a playful and fairy-tale dimension for children: sleeping in a tent on the mat all together, eating outdoors, reading in the hammock, taking a shower with other children.
4. Children learn to hear and listen to the sounds of nature and to follow natural rhythms: waking up early, inevitably (light and heat would not allow otherwise) and going to sleep early, upset after intense days, in which you are never stop!
5. Even when the weather is not beautiful, maybe there is too much wind to stay on the beach children can run happily for camping, play and have fun with each other, inventing a thousand pastimes. There are no cars or hazards that prevent it.
6. The campsite, where everything (tent, bathrooms, bar, restaurant and market) is close and on a human scale, makes children responsible, sending them to do the shopping, buying ice cream or washing themselves. They feel great and important, you are free and light.
7. You can get to the sea on foot. Babies often come and go alone, while you cook or relax.

P.s To whom it could be objected that even the village, in many respects, approaches the campsite with the added convenience of having a real roof over its head and a private bathroom, let’s say that in part it is true. But some differences, not least the economic ones, are obvious.

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