Can I eat sushi in pregnancy? The forbidden foods and why

Can I eat sushi in pregnancy? The forbidden foods and why

Let's find out if and when it is appropriate to avoid consuming sushi during pregnancy: the presence of raw fish can cause some problems

Can I eat sushi in pregnancy? In principle, the answer is yes, although some precautions must be followed. The main problem affecting so many pregnant women regarding food is a disease called toxoplasmosis: contracting it while pregnant can also cause abortion or various types of complications and diseases for the child. This disease is a protozoan, which lives in the intestines of cats and can move to other animals. Anyone who has not already had toxoplasmosis before pregnancy must stay away from cat feces and any food that may be contaminated: raw meat and sausages, but also fruit and vegetables that have not been thoroughly washed.

And the fish? There is no possibility that fish present a risk for toxoplasmosis, so raw fish is a safe food, even for pregnant women. However it is necessary to pay attention to other problems, first of all the Anisakis: a parasite that lurks in sea fish. There are also other microscopic parasites that can be nested in fish, even in that of sweet water; fortunately these dangerous organisms can be rendered completely harmless, cooking the fish to perfection, to the heart, or breaking it down. The felling entails the conservation of the fish at temperatures below -20 ° C for at least 24 hours; this treatment kills any pathogenic microorganism in its interior and is also recommended for traditional Italian foods, such as marinated anchovies or mussels.

Contrary to popular belief, the use of acidic condiments, such as vinegar or lemon juice, does not bring any benefit. So sushi can be eaten during pregnancy, but it is important to pay attention to what type of fish you are eating and how it was prepared. Better to avoid low-priced restaurants or those that do not give any certainty about the origin of the raw materials used. Good risk-free sushi is often expensive and only served in some restaurants. If you have doubts, even the slightest ones, it is better to choose well-cooked dishes, in order to avoid any problems. Anisakis does not cause direct damage to the child, but it is a fairly serious disease, which can create imbalances or nutritional deficiencies.

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