Can we be young forever? Maybe yes, with this foolproof method

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Being young forever and having a firm skin for life seems like a utopia and perhaps it is a condition that we will never reach 100%, but we can certainly approach this status with an infallible method, cryotherapy.

You may have heard of cryotherapy – also called cold therapy – but perhaps in the medical field. Nevertheless it can become a beauty treatment.

skin cryotherapy

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Yes, because those who want to look beautiful have to suffer and to stay young forever we cannot expect to stand still and hope for a miracle. But don’t worry, you certainly don’t have to freeze in the truest sense of the word to have the desired effect.

Here comes cryotherapy to our rescue. This is an (also) anti-aging treatment which, taking advantage of the cold and its benefits, stimulates collagen, removes dead skin cells and promotes the formation of new ones.

The cold anyway is the favorite treatment of many celebs. Among them is Victoria’s Secret supermodel and Angel Karlie Kloss, who dips her head in a bowl full of ice cubes (presumably) every morning, but if not always sure often.

Having said that, however, it might seem too simplistic to you. So here’s everything you need to know about cryotherapy and its skin rejuvenating action.

Cryotherapy: here’s everything you need to know about this “magical” skin treatment

The The term cryotherapy derives from the Greek kryos, which means cold and it is also called cold therapy.

skin cryotherapy

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This treatment it is widely used in medicine. We are talking about an innovative technique that promises to solve problems that otherwise would have to be solved with much more invasive methods.

Basically cryotherapy is based on the administration of liquid nitrogen, a gas capable of reaching 196 ° C below zero.

This, applied to the skin, it is able to instantly freeze the lesion or the imperfection to be treated. How? By creating a cold burn, which generates intracellular crystals that cause the death of the cell itself due to thermal shock and the consequent rupture of the cell membrane.

Basically the effectiveness of cryotherapy is due to the fact that the lowering of the temperature determines the dissolution of the lesions undergoing treatment and the formation of new healthy cells.

In fact, it is often used for the treatment of skin diseases including viral warts, contagious molluscs, scars, alopecia, actinic and seborrheic keratoses and so on.

Obviously, however, we are talking about beauty and, therefore, not about a purely medical treatment, but more than anything else about an aesthetic one.

Well yes, cryotherapy can be used too to make our skin younger, toned, compact (and actually also to counteract cellulite, orange peel skin and accumulations of fat. And there’s more, because in reality it is also effective in treating acne and eczema.

As we anticipated, the treatment has an immediate effect because it stimulates the production of collagen, drastically reducing wrinkles in a very short time.

And not only that, because determines an improvement in circulation, thanks to its vasoconstricting properties which determines a reflex vasodilation. This is why cryotherapy plays a fundamental role in the fight against cellulite.

Furthermore slows down tissue metabolism, promoting rapid weight loss, so it can also become an excellent ally of the diet and also of the gym, since it helps to tone the muscles.

But how does it take place? Obviously we specify that it must be carried out by competent people, at specialized centers, so beware of those who are not qualified.

If you want to carry out cryotherapy to fight wrinkles, it will be enough for you go to a doctor, who will place the appropriate machinery close to your face.

The seat it will last about 8 minutes and the feeling you will experience will not be unpleasant at all. Furthermore, the skin afterwards will not appear irritated at all, but will immediately be smoother.

If you want to carry out a total body treatment, you can do it the so-called cryotherapy sauna, which is the exact opposite of what we know (which is extremely hot).

Basically it is a cold room in which there is liquid nitrogen in gaseous form, which brings down temperatures between -120 ° and -160 °. The stay inside here is decidedly less, in fact we know that it is not possible to remain there for more than 3 minutes in a row.

In this way the action of the cold will be spread throughout the body, but it is also possible to choose to localize it in some points.

If you are at least 50 years old and you want to know how to make your skin immediately younger and more radiant, here are 3 foolproof tricks.

In any case, we specify that there are no miracle treatments. Having beautiful skin even after years is a matter of genetics, but also of how much effort we put into finding the right skin care for this purpose.

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