"Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta get married on August 16" but she has to think about it

Diletta Leotta Can Yaman

At "Every Morning" the journalist Santo Pirrotta announces Can Yaman's wedding proposal and the 40 thousand euro ring, but Diletta Leotta hesitates

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are getting married on August 16, this is what the Daydreamer actor has planned, but it seems that she is still not convinced.

The indiscretion is revealed by Sandro Pirrotta in the column he holds in Every morning, the broadcast hosted by Adriana Volpe on Tv8. According to the journalist: "Can made the proposal to Diletta with a 40,000 euro ring, there would already be a date: on August 16, Diletta is very happy but she said she has to think about it … let's see what she will decide!".

Although the love between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman was born recently – its formalization came only last February – rumors of cohabitation and imminent marriage have been circulating for some time. Rumors on the other hand fueled by some photos in which an important ring was visible on the finger of the beautiful journalist. Now comes the confirmation of Pirrotta, always very well informed about the private life of VIPs.

It was he, always at Every morning, who revealed that Belen was pregnant and was expecting a baby (he was mistaken only on the name) and he always blurted out about Anna Tatangelo's new love.

Now the indiscretion concerns Diletta and Can, whom everyone admired in the last episode of May God help us 6 confirming his presence in the seventh season. Pirrotta is not the only one to have spoken of orange blossom, Novella 2000 had already launched the news of the wedding.

But now the reporter adds some important details. There would be the date, August 16, the 40 thousand euro engagement ring and an obstacle, the indecision of Diletta who would have responded to Yaman's wedding proposal with a: "I think about it".

Diletta has returned from farewell to Daniele Scardina, boxer and competitor of Dancing with the Stars with whom she lived a relationship for about a year. Can has always been very reserved about his private life and has never wanted to publicly talk about his love stories. Despite this, some time ago, as a guest of Verissimo, he confessed that he wanted to fall in love. Meanwhile, Diletta still has a few months ahead of her to decide whether to share the rest of her life with Can Yaman. Meanwhile, the mother-in-law has already fought for her, defending her from social criticism.

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