Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, the reasons for the farewell have been revealed

Can Yaman reveals the secrets of his past

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, according to some rumors, would have said goodbye due to the jealousy of the Turkish star

Can Yaman and Luca Argentero, for Sandokan is a beauty challenge

What is happening between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta? According to the latest rumors, the actor returned to Turkey after some discussions with the sports host. The love story between the two seemed to be proceeding smoothly, so much so that there was talk of coexistence and a marriage that would be held shortly.

In a few days, however, the situation would have changed radically. To reveal it is Maurizio Sorge, famous photographer of VIPs always very informed about the gossip of the moment. According to the expert Can and Diletta would have quarreled because of the jealousy of the Turkish star. "He is very jealous of his beloved – we read – […] It does not fit well with his career as a Journalist, Influencer and TV Personality".

At the origin of the separation between Leotta and Yaman, therefore, there would be the jealousy of the Turkish star towards his partner. "It is a loyal love, in which I take on my responsibilities, as we have seen – said Can a few days ago, speaking of the sports presenter -. I have great respect for her, for our relationship and confidentiality is our first promise: we communicate what concerns us, together. When is the wedding everyone's talking about? I am one who acts without taking too long, without mincing words. I follow the push, fast. I believe instinct is in the name of God. But let's keep the surprise on something ".

In the very rare couple photos posted on Instagram, the two appeared happy and serene, but as the days went by, according to what Sorge revealed, the first misunderstandings would arise. Can and Diletta would have entered into crisis due to the jealousy of the star of Daydreamer – the wings of the dream, who would have even left Italy to return to Turkey.

For now, Yaman has not made any statements and his Instagram profile is still disabled. The Turkish star has disappeared from social networks, perhaps due to a hacker or, as many have hypothesized, tired of having to give justifications regarding his private life.

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