Can you love deeply? The exercises that prepare your heart

Can you love deeply? The exercises that prepare your heart

Openness and closeness to the other can be trained: here are some simple actions to take every day. The results will surprise you

Often our anxieties or insecurities prevent us from totally letting go of love. What does it mean to deeply love someone? It mainly means giving yourself to your partner, without demanding anything in return and, above all, without feeling that sense of possession that often makes us feel bad.

Like all other skills, that of loving deeply can also be trained. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has developed real exercises that can be practiced to increase one's awareness. Here is one that you can do to prepare the heart to love from the deep.

First of all prepare the suitable environment. It is essential that it is silent and, if possible, spread aromas in the air that resemble the scents of the forest. Now sit comfortably and breathe in and out five times. Imagine being in a dense forest, and try to perceive all its sensations: the light, the noises, the texture of the leaves and the bark of the trees.

Imagine yourself walking towards a light that you see filtering in the distance between the branches. The light slowly increases and the wood clears, until you reach a clearing flooded by the sun's rays.

Visualize yourself while taking off your shoes and start walking on the grass; it evokes all the sensations that this action gives you. At this point, imagine seeing a person from afar: it can be a stranger or your partner, you decide. Approach this person slowly and embrace him affectionately, making him feel welcomed. Think of embracing everything around you.

Concentrate on the warmth that this person gives off, on the warmth of the sun, on the scents and on all the sensations you can perceive, until you feel calm. When you feel the emotional closeness of the person who is with you, imagine that you are loosing your embrace and sitting on the lawn.

At this point, inhale and exhale deeply five times and slowly open your eyes, savoring what you feel.

The actions contained in this exercise symbolize love, openness and closeness to the other: the effects will amaze you.

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