Can you make Parmesan cream? Here are the tricks for a super result!

crema al parmigiano trucchi

Find out how to make an excellent Parmesan cream thanks to some tricks that will come in really handy.

Parmesan cream is a truly delicious preparation that is well suited to accompany dishes of all kinds. Thanks to its rich and savory flavor, it is in fact the ideal choice both to enrich meat or fish main courses and to flavor a first course and serve as a cream for appetizers to be enjoyed as an appetizer.

parmesan cream tricks

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What matters is being able to prepare it in the right way in order to obtain a result that is truly greedy and does not have lumps. If you also want to get the best, qthese are the tricks that once put into practice will help you to fulfill your wish.

Perfect Parmesan cream: the tricks not to forget

Excellent for filling cannelloni or stuffing lasagna, the parmesan cream is really useful for various preparations. Its flavor is in fact so delicious that it embellishes every dish and conquers everyone from the very first taste.

parmesan cream tricks

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All in all simple to prepare, it can lead to some difficulties in those who lack a certain experience. Problem that is easily solved by developing some tricks that can make a difference.

Use the right pot

For a Parmesan cream it is important to use a pan with a non-stick bottom or a double bottom. It is in fact essential that no burns occur during cooking. These could lead to incorrect consistency to the cream, also giving it a bitter taste and not very suitable for the delicacy that is required of it.

Avoiding the formation of lumps is one of the tricks for a good Parmesan cream

Any cream, whether sweet or salty, can have unsightly and annoying lumps. This also applies to the Parmesan cream. To prevent this from ruining our recipe it is therefore important to mix it with a whisk. In this way you will avoid lumps and you will be able to count on a smooth and soft cream.

Use cling film

In order to avoid that once ready the cream forms an unsightly skin it is very important that once ready and poured into its bowl it is well covered by the transparent film. This trick is also widely used for custard, it is also useful in this case. The result will be so pleasant that you will no longer be able to do without it.

These three very simple tricks are what you need to get a simple and creamy Parmesan cream. One of those preparations to be proud of and to present to your guests with pride. Just as thanks to the tricks for a perfectly whipped pasta, its goodness will in fact be such as to conquer everyone from the first taste.

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