Cancer recipes: promoted and rejected foods

Cancer recipes: promoted and rejected foods

Doctor Lisa Casali, promoter of the AIRC initiative, Il Benessere Vien Mangiando, suggests tasty dishes to stay in shape and eliminate cancer risk

It is now established: health starts from the table. Therefore, proper nutrition and a good lifestyle are the basic rules for keeping fit and removing the danger of getting cancer. In this sense, AIRC (the Italian Association for Cancer Research) promoted the initiative, "Well-being comes by eating", which aims to raise awareness of the issue of healthy and sustainable food.

To find out more, we turned to the environmental scientist Lisa Casali, who together with the deejay Max Brigante, presented four video recipes dedicated to healthy eating (in the video above you can follow the one dedicated to broccoli), promoting the campaign of awareness wanted by AIRC. Since bad habits are difficult to eradicate, the advice and dishes suggested by the expert will help us to feel good, without sacrificing taste.

"Wellness Comes Eating", this is the title of the AIRC initiative, how important is correct nutrition for prevention?
By now the close relationship between nutrition and well-being is more than established. Food defines who we are today but also what we will be tomorrow. Proper nutrition is essential at all ages, correct food imprinting for children is essential but in the same way a healthy diet for adults for both well-being and prevention of various diseases.

Orange, red, purple and green: the colors of health on the table. Can you associate a food with each color and define its virtue?
Oranges, Tomato, Beetroot, Black Cabbage, the properties of fruit and vegetables are so many that it would be difficult to choose just one virtue. What I recommend to everyone is to follow its seasonality and bring a rainbow of colors to the table as much as possible! In this way we will be sure to have filled up on all the beneficial properties of these precious ingredients.

What behaviors can we adopt to follow a truly sustainable cuisine?
By following the Mediterranean diet and all the advice of healthy eating, your environmental impact is also reduced. A large consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and oilseeds not only gives great benefits for health but also for the environment. In the same way it is important to reduce the consumption of meat, especially red, few and high quality meats.
The fish deserves a separate discussion, we recommend the consumption of 3-4 portions per week but from a point of view of the protection of the seas it is important not to make random choices. To be sure of fishing sustainability, a solution is to choose products with the MSC (Marine Stewarship Council) brand for the catch and ASC (Aquaculture Stewarship Council) for the fish.

Which ingredient should never be missing in the kitchen?
Personally I am crazy about legumes, I also eat them for breakfast and I am sure of their benefits for the body.

Is there a perfect food for health?
Only one I think not, but a mix of seasonal fruit and vegetables are definitely a great help.

What are the foods to absolutely banish from the diet?
Personally I have banned, which does not mean that every now and then a bar can be made, carbonated drinks and various industrial products full of sugars and fats such as classic snacks.

Can you dedicate a healthy and sustainable recipe to Tipsforwomens's friends?
I'll give you my vegetable and legume burger. Instead of vegetables you can also use the extract / centrifuged waste or simply vegetable waste. It is perfect for the lunch break in the office and very easy to do. Here you will also find a video with the details to do it.

100g boiled carrots,
100g of pre-cooked beets,
60g of boiled chickpeas
1 tablespoon of chickpea flour
extra virgin olive oil
salt and chili pepper
burger bread
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise prepared with chickpea cooking water (find the recipe on Lisa Casali's blog, Ecocucina)

Blend the cooked vegetables left with the chickpeas, season with salt and chili pepper. Add a spoonful of chickpea flour and knead. Give the mixture the shape of a burger and cook in a pan on both sides. Toast the bread. Make the burgers with toast, burger and mayonnaise.

Do you have a successful blog, Ecocucina, can the web help spread the idea of ​​a conscious and healthy way of eating?
Absolutely yes, the web and social networks are fundamental to amplify your voice, to tell your experience, explain, involve people, collect comments.

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