Can’t you ever get a Russian salad? That’s where you go wrong every time

Can't you ever get a Russian salad?  That's where you go wrong every time

Find out what are the mistakes you should never make with Russian salad.

Russian salad is a simple and extremely delicious preparation. A recipe that everyone loves and that lends itself well to both as an appetizer and as a side dish. Being able to enjoy it is simply unique and to do so it is important to do it properly.

Russian salad mistakes

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Which you can do by avoiding some simple mistakes that apparently they may seem trivial but that will make a difference. Here, then, is what you need to know in order to serve and enjoy a really good Russian salad to be enjoyed.

Russian salad: mistakes you should never make again

Making mistakes when preparing Russian salad can lead to an unpleasant result that can ruin everything. For this reason, today we will reveal to you what are the mistakes you should never make again.

Russian salad mistakes

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In this way you can count on a really pleasant result and so good that you want to share it with everyone. Which will lead you to many positive results.

Coarsely chop the vegetables

Vegetables are an integral part of the Russian salad. To be able to make one that is good enough it is important that they all have the same size. Only in this way, once the Russian salad is ready, will enjoying them be more enjoyable than ever.

Poorly cooking vegetables is one of the mistakes made with Russian salad

Continuing to talk about vegetables, it is also important to talk about their cooking. These must all have the same consistency. And to achieve this it is very important that you cook them so that they are soft at the right point but at the same time still crunchy. Cooking (which should always be done with vinegar) is therefore an aspect to which you will have to pay great attention.

Use industrial mayonnaise

As good as it may be, industrial mayonnaise is by no means suitable for a good Russian salad. The ideal is therefore prepare one that is fresh and based on genuine ingredients. This way you can boast of a dish that is really successful and that everyone will appreciate as such.

Now that you have discovered what are the tricks to develop in order to enjoy an excellent Russian salad, all you have to do is prepare it avoiding the ones you have probably always done. Once you have tasted the new version, you will find that tasting it will be a unique experience. And if you want, you can also learn how to make light Russian salad. Always excellent but perfect to enjoy even when you are on a diet.

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