Car insurance: so you will save without much effort

Risparmiare assicurazione auto

Saving on car insurance is not only possible, but it is also very useful now, in view of the expensive gasoline prices. Here’s how you can do it.

The expensive gasoline prices are already creating a lot of damage to many people, why not try to save at least on the car insurance, so as to try to reduce problems (as much as possible)?

Save on auto insurance

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Indeed, we know that inflation is creating serious problems in the real economy and this means that, as a direct consequence, saving becomes more and more complex.

How then? Net of the unnecessary costs that we incur, but which we can give up without too many problems, there are others, also called fixed, because they cannot be eliminated from our life.

An example? The car. Of course, some might think “there are more or less economic alternatives, but certainly sustainable, such as public transport” and we all agree on this, but using the car – even if only sporadically – becomes strictly necessary for some people.

We think of the case of people who have to travel for work and who have to reach places not served by public transport.

Or people who live in the extreme outskirts of the cities, or in the villages and who in the evening cannot take either buses, trains, or subways, because after a certain time they no longer pass (or because there aren’t any in the area where they live) .

They are a couple of more than realistic cases, which occur more often than imagined and to which are added several other cases, so we cannot ignore them.

That said, if we wanted to start saving on car insurance, what could we do? Here are some tips that may come in handy.

Here’s how to save on car insurance

How can we save on car insurance? The first method is the literally exploit the internet.

Save on auto insurance

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Yes, that’s right: they now exist many comparison portals, which make us understand which policy is the most convenient for us, also according to our needs.

There are a lot of them around, but we can give an example. Since 2000 – therefore for 22 years now – there has been 6sicuro, a completely free, 100% reliable and safe portal.

This is a comparison portal that analyzes each insurance and selects the most interesting offers from each company.

And there’s more, because choosing the right one for you, you can stipulate it directly online, without going through a physical intermediary. Which translates into lower costs.

But what are they the most common needs and, therefore, the most requested accessory covers?

The first without a doubt is the theft and fire insurance policy. With this, the contractor can be protected in the event of theft, damage deriving from a possible theft attempt, but also in the case of fire.

This coverage can be customizable, in the sense that everyone can choose whether to subscribe to a partial one or not. In this case, obviously – as is easily deductible – the company will provide compensation only within a certain amount.

The insurance premium in these cases depends on many variables, but the first is the value of the car.

Another accessory cover much in demand is the Kasko, that is, the one that protects the beneficiary even when he is responsible for the damage caused and therefore covers all accidents and damages.

Then it exists the glass policy, which insures the windows of the car in the event that these should be damaged, therefore it is part of the covers that concern only parts of the car and not its totality.

And again, there is the possibility of have assistance in case of breakdown: the subscriber can thus call the tow truck whenever he needs it without having to incur any costs. This is usually done by those who travel for hours and hours.

In any case, with these trivial methods, even the expensive gasoline prices will no longer be a problem.

However, what is certain is also saving on insurance is easier than you think.

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