Carbohydrates for dinner: they don't make you fat

Carbohydrates for dinner: they don't make you fat

Let's debunk a myth: carbohydrates after 5pm don't make you fat. The important thing is to know how to consume them

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The one with carbohydrates is love and hate. Main components of the tastiest dishes and enemies of the scale, we often tend to avoid them for the fear of gaining weight. Especially in the evening, pasta, bread and rice are an absolute prohibition for many.

However, the fear is not entirely founded. In fact, it matters little when carbohydrates are consumed. The important thing is to distribute them well throughout the day and to calculate well the needs of our body based on factors such as age, physical activity and number of calories provided by our diet.

Go ahead, then, to carbohydrates in the evening, as long as they are not too heavy meals and not too high in calories. The real problem, in fact, is that what we eat at dinner can hardly be burned during sleep. By day, on the contrary, we have more hours to consume what we eat.

To eat bread, pasta and rice even after 5pm we must take small steps and pay particular attention to what we use as condiments. Indeed, it is these that make the difference. To reduce the absorption of carbohydrates it would be useful to opt for foods that slow down digestion, such as vegetables and legumes.

Oils, and all that is fat, should be reduced to the bare minimum. This is why pizza, rich in seasonings such as oil, tomatoes, mozzarella and cold cuts, is not recommended. However, it is possible to enjoy a plate of pasta during dinner in complete serenity. It would also be a good idea to reduce the glycemic index of the meal we are going to eat. The perfect dish is a tasty cold pasta salad.

Furthermore, eating carbohydrates at dinner may also be recommended for those suffering from night rest problems. In fact, pasta promotes the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone that causes a feeling of well-being and relaxation, and influences certain physiological processes such as the sleep / wake cycle, mood and a sense of satiety.

In short, if you do not suffer from particular diseases and you are healthy, a plate of pasta or rice is not only possible, but is also recommended.

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