"Carbohydrates in the evening make you fat": all the fake news at the table

"Carbohydrates in the evening make you fat": all the fake news at the table

From carbohydrates to gluten free products: here are all the lies about the diet that are likely to ruin it

Pasta diet: how it works and the rules to follow

"Carbohydrates in the evening make you fat": how many times have we heard this phrase repeated, giving up a plate of pasta for dinner.

In reality it is a food fake news. In fact, many refuse to eat carbohydrates for dinner, with the belief that this promotes weight loss. In reality, what matters is the seasoning we choose for our pasta (or bread), but above all the quantity we take. An exaggerated portion, if consumed for lunch rather than just before going to sleep, will still be deleterious to the diet, the time does not matter.

This is a rule that applies to all foods and that leads us to deny another famous fake news: fasting after 7pm makes you lose weight. If you have done so until now, with the conviction of getting back into shape in a short time and purifying your body, you will be disappointed. What matters is what we eat and how much. When we take in more calories than we need, we gain weight: it is very simple and in this case the watch has no influence whatsoever.

More lies? Pineapple is not a fat burner or, better to say, contains vitamins, mineral salts and is a concentrate of well-being, but it will not help us limit the damage after a meal that is too abundant. Also pay attention to fake news on diets. It is not true that protein is more effective. It guarantees fast weight loss because it forces our body to burn fat reserves quickly, but it can be not only harmful, but also useless. Many people, in fact, after eliminating carbohydrates from their diet and losing weight, regain the extra pounds at the end of their diet.

The same goes for the gluten free regimes followed by people who are not affected by celiac disease. Experts have repeatedly stated that consuming gluten-free products is not a good way to lose weight, not only because there is a risk of damaging the body, eliminating a fundamental component of the diet, but also because most of the time industrial foods dedicated to the body Celiacs are rich in sugars, fats and additives.

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