Carbohydrates on a diet: here’s how and how many to consume so as not to gain weight

Dietary carbohydrates can be consumed as long as you do it in the right way: here are how many and how to eat them so as not to gain weight.

Can dietary carbohydrates be eaten or make you fat? Raise your hand if you have never asked yourself this question. Also because there are many false beliefs that over time have undermined the importance of these macronutrients in the diet.

carbohydrates on a diet

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When you have to lose weight in fact one of the faster methods is to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet often, however, with negative consequences on health. This is why it is always better to submit to the hands of a nutritionist who will be able to draw up an ad hoc diet based on our needs.

Completely removing carbohydrates from the diet can in some cases even be counterproductive. And then we find out how many and how can you consume carbohydrates on a diet without gaining weight.

Here’s how to consume carbohydrates on a diet

THE three main macronutrients I am without a doubt proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By removing one of the three nutrients from the diet we will end up eating unbalanced.

carbohydrates on a diet

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That’s why when you follow a carbohydrate-free diet like that ketogenic (here discover the tricks to maximize its effects), it is always good to be followed by a nutritionist in order not to run into nutrient deficiencies that are often harmful to the body.

THE carbohydrates in particular represent 45% to 60% of the calories introduced because they serve the body as readily available gasoline. They are in fact a directly expendable energy source and also offer nourishment to the brain cells, which is why they must never be missing in the diet of those who study.

But why then do so many wonder if carbohydrates, while doing well on the one hand, do put on weight on the other? Where does this belief come from? This idea arose from the fact that if we suddenly stop consuming carbohydrates, we experience weight loss.

But in this case you are not going to lose the real fat but the muscle mass, that is the lean one that we must not lose but gain. The organism, in fact, without glucose draws from the glycogen in the muscles and in the liver so as to be able to have energy.

However, this is only an illusion, in fact, as soon as they start eating again, everything that has been lost is taken back with interest. So, the truth is that removing carbohydrates from the diet is a real mistake.

And then what needs to be done is knowing how to eat them without gaining weight. Such as? By choosing i the right foods, as well as the recommended quantities and the correct combinations, but also the cooking methods.

Among the types of carbohydrates to be introduced we find the Whole grainsin addition to wheat, we can alternate dishes with rice, barley, spelled, quinoa, oats, buckwheat, and so on.

Such foods are rich in fiber but also in vitamins, mineral salts and have a lower glycemic index than refined products. They must then be combined with vegetables in order to slow down the absorption of sugars.

Hence we can conclude that i carbohydrates should not be eliminated from the diet even if you want to lose weight because then we will take back the lost kilos with the interests, but they go consumed in the right measure, combining them with vegetables, proteins and fats (in the right quantities too and always preferring the good ones, that is the unsaturated ones).

For the quantities we will also have to adjust based on the person and lifestyle habits, as well as age and [email protected] In this case a nutritionist will be able to advise us in the best way.

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